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zang fu - ST/KD

the ST controls ____,aka____ controls rotting&ripening of food aka the bubbling cauldron
ST is the origin of ___. SP is the origin of ___. ST- origin of fluidsSP - origin of birth and development
what is the relationship btw ST/KD and why is it important? KD is the gate of the ST. together the transform fluids in the LJ- if KD fx is impaired, fluids stagnate and flow up toward ST and impair digestion.
what fxs do ST control? R/R. transformation of food essence decending of qi.
how does ST affect the tongue and pulse? ST qi ensures that the qi of all organs reaches the pulse- rough pulse - ST QI XUtransportation of food essence/fluids is closely related to the tongue coating
where is food essence transported to SP/ST transport food essence to the whole body especially the limbs
what fx of the ST aids digestion? decending fx - downward movement through the intestines
ST easily suffers from xu or xs?what is commonly affected by such conditions? xs such as fire or phlegm fire.agitates the mind, mental symptoms - shut oneself in the house, close all windows, wanting to be alone, violent/manic behavior/ taking off one's clothes, hypomania, hyperactivity, anxiety, mental confusion
what is the relationship btw SP/ST? R/R VS T/T
KD essence produces ___ which contributes to production of ___. yuan qi of ___ also contributes via ___ KD essence produces marrow-production of bloodyuan qi- transformation of food qi into blood
ren and chong mai harmonize ___? ying and wei- receive qi and blood from the KD
how are ST and uterus related? via chong mai - internal pathway to ST
what causes morning sickness? disruption of ST due to changes in the uterus - conncetion via internal pathway
where is the brain located? extends from DU20-DU16
how are the brain and KD related? functionally KD produces marrow to fill the brain and spinal cord
what are the functions of the brain and what organs does it depend on? controls memory, concentration, sight, hearing, touch and smell. physiological activities depend on KD and HT
what nourished the brain? HT blood
what is the origin of KD marrow? KD essence
what is the residence of the marrow? bones- store marrow
how are the chong mai and the uterus related? chong mai provides blood to the uterus
normal menses and pregnancy depend on_____ state of chong/ren mai which rely on the KD for supply of qi and blood
ren and chong mai harmonize ___? ying and wei-received qi and blood form the KD
ren and chong mai both originate from ___ and have the following fxs? originate from KD - which supplies qi and blood to perform its fxs have fx with regulating menses, conception, and pregnancy.
what aspect of qi does the SP control? controls raising of qi
an inability to walk or stand is caused by KD essence or marrow xu
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