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Chapter 14 Terms


Acceptable Use Policy A policy that defines the actions users may perform while accessing systems and netoworking equipment
Annualized Loss Expectancy The expected monetary loss that can be anticipated for an asset due to a risk over a one year period
Annualized Rate of Occurrance The likelihood of risk occuring within a year
Change Management A methodology for making modifications to a system and keeping track of those changes
Data policy A security policy that addresses the different aspects of how data should be handled within an organization
Data Retention Policy A security policy that outlines how long to maintain information in the users possession
Data Storage policy A set of procedures designed to control and manage data within the organization by specification
Data Wiping and Disposing Policy A security policy that addresses how and when data will ultimately be erased
False Negative an event that does not appear to be a risk but actually turns out to be one
False Positive An event that in the beginning is considered to be a risk yet turns out to not be one
Incident Management The framework and functions required to enable incident response and incident handling within an organization
Management Risk Control Type A type or risk control that is administrative and covers the laws regulations policys practices and guidlines that govern the overall requriements and controls
Mean Time to Failure The average amount of time expected until the first failure of a piece of equipment
Operational Risk Control Type Risk control type that covers the operational procedures to limit risk
Peer to Peer Network A network that does not have servers so each device simultaneously functions as both a client and a server to all other devices connected to the network
Privacy Policy A security policy that outlines how the organization uses personal information it collects
Qualitative Risk Calculation An approach to risk calculation that attempts to create actual numbers of the risk by using historical data
Role based Training Specialized training that is customized to the specific role that an employee holds in the organization
Security Policy A written document that states how an organization plans to protct the companys information technology assets
Single Loss Expectancy The expected monetary loss every time a riks occurs
Social Networking Grouping individuals and organizations into clusters or groups based on a like affiliation
Technical Risk Control Type A risk control type that involves using technology to control risk.
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