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ACSM Exercise Guidelines

aerobic fitness Definition body's ability to supply sufficient oxygen during sustained activity
muscular endurance Definition ability of muscle to sustain work without fatigue
muscular strength Definition muscles ability to exert force
flexibility Definition joints ability to move through full ROM
body composition definition breakdown of amount of bone and muscle (lean body tissue) to faty
Body composition Test skin folds, waist and hip girths
body composition improve prevent: aerobic 150-250 min/wk, weight loss: at least 150, > 150 modest, max 225-420 min/wk main: 200-300 min/wk
Muscular endurance Test plan, curl up, push ups
Muscular Endurance Improvement 2-3 d.wk. @ 2 sets/exercise 15-20 reps/set light - moderate
aerobic fitness Test YMCA cycle ergometer test
Aerobic Improvement Type:continuous major muscle group exercise FIT: at least moderately 30-60 min/day at least 5 d.wk FIT: vigorous 20-60 mins at least 3 d.wk
Muscular strength Test hand grip, v ertical jump, standing broad jump
Muscular Strength Improvement 2-3 d.wk 2-4 sets per exercise 8-12 reps/ set moderate-vigorous major muscle groups
Flexibility Test sit and reach, should stretch
Flexibility Improvement > or = 2-3 d.wk hold till slight discomfort 10-30 sec repeat a few times largest gains when done with every day exercises
Created by: cs3516