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What POV? First Person point of view
What is the setting? Loomis street, House on Mango Street
What is conflict? main character doesn't want to live in a poor, old, on the verge of broken down house
Who are the characters? Mama, Papa, Carlos, Kiki, Nenny, and Narrator
How many short stories? 44 short stories put together
Human v_______ Human v. society
What are the themes? Cultural tradition Gender roles Coming of age
what is voice? allows a reader to "hear" a human personality in writing. Voice depends on the style, attitude, and perspective of the author.
what is style? the form and structure of writing. Sentence structure and word choice and stylistic elements. Style is the way the voice is communicated
Define Vignette. short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give particular insight into a character, idea, or setting
Human/civil rights issues Racism Discrimination' Rights of a child Women's rights Poverty Independence Cultural freedom Prejudice Rape Peer pressure Boys Immigration The importance of a family unit Identity Crime Prostitution Education Stereotyping Religion
What is the theme? Hard to place the genre; breaks the rules of plot and form Thematically: "coming of age" story
What does Esperanza stand for? In English means Hope; sadness, waiting in Spanish - expresses conflict in America than her home
What does Esperanza want? to be free, but feels tied down
What was the grandmother described as? free-willed; independent
Why did they do at school? pronounced her name wrong; when it's supposed to be soft > recognized the beauty of her heritage
"I would like to baptize myself....." holy imagery, baptism - new life, new start. wanted to be reborn as someone else with better living situation
What is the name she wants instead of Esperanza? Zeze the X like a superhero
What is Nenny's other name? Magdalena
Cathy thinks she is better because she is European Caucasian descent so she'd not like the rest
Cathy is lonely
How much does it cost to be someone's friend? Five dollars
what did they buy? A bike
Who are the people she meets? Rachel and Lucy
Who do they buy the bike from? Tito
Bike is a symbol of freedom
Laughter is a chapter to better understand Nenny and Esperanza's connection
The house looks like Mexico
The furniture store was a metaphor for her life
Statue of Liberty for a dime symbolizes freedom
The old man doesn't sell the music box last piece of hope in the ugliness of the town
music transcends reality which was poverty; magic
Meme has a dog with two names one in Spanish and English
Meme's real name is Juan
The house Meme lived in built by Cathy's dad was meant to be an imitation of what hey could had in France but doesn't work out and is crooked w/ too many stairs
Louie's family is Puerto Rican
Marin sold avon to marry her boyfriend
Marin and Esperanza are similar they both want to escape the street and the poverty but seek it in different ways; Marin is looking for someone to rescue her a man to save her
The car was a yellow Cadillac
Esperanza looks up to Marin a big sister she understands things and explain things to her like the cream to take off lip hairs, how to make babies, white flicks myth
Louie's parents want to send Marin back because she is too much trouble
Created by: fikott1