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PCOM #18a

PCOM Herbs 5 - Regulate Qi

promote the movement of qi Ban Xia Hou Po Tang / Pinellia & Magnolia Bark Decoction (291) Zhang Zhong-Jing (150-219): Jin Gui Yao Lue - Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Coffer C: ban xia, D: hou po, D: fu ling, A: sheng jiang, E: zi su ye Promotes the movement of qi, dissipates clumps, directs rebellious qi downward, and transforms phlegm. plum-pit qi (mei he qi), or more generally, constrained qi with concurrent phlegm-dampness a feeling of something caught in the throat that can neither be swallowed nor ejected, severe cases: coughing, a stifling sensation in the chest and hypochondria, severe cases: vomiting, moist or greasy white tongue coat, wiry slippery, or slow pulse beg (for) extra honey pouring freshly, (w) lemon strawberry juice zenfully satifying you
promote the movement of qi Gua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jiu Tang / Trichosanthes Fruit, Chinese Chive & Wine Decoction (292) Zhang Zhong-Jing (150-219): Jin Gui Yao Lue - Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Coffer C: gua lou, D: xie bai, A: bai jiu Unblocks the yang, promotes the movement of qi, and expels phlegm. painful obstruction of the chest which results from the failure of the yang in the upper burner to be aroused; a form of yang deficiency shortness of breath, wheezing, cough w copious sputum, thick greasy tongue coat, submerged, and wiry or tight pulse giving little, expecting bounty: bad judgment
promote the movement of qi Hou Po Wen Zhong Tang / Magnolia Bark Decoction for Warming the Middle (293) Li Ao (1247): Nei Wai Shang Bian Huo Lun - Clarifying Doubts about Injury from Internal and External Causes C: hou po, D: cao dou kou, A: chen pi, A: mu xiang, A: gan jiang, A: fu ling, A: zhi gan cao, A: sheng jiang Warms the middle burner, promotes the movement of qi, dries dampness, and eliminates fullness. This formula focuses on warming the middle burner and regulating the qi. damp-cold injuring the SP / ST epigastric and abdominal distention and fullness; if severe: abdominal pain, loss of appetite, if severe: vomiting of clear liquid, loose diarrhea, fatigue in the extremities, white slippery tongue coating heavy people can dance (in) kilts changing pins most exserting. Grand juries forget less zany good countrymen singing jigs
promote the movement of qi Liang Fu Wan / Galangal & Cyperus Pill (294) Xie Yuan-Qing (1842): Liang Fang Ji Ye - Small Collection of Fine Formulas gao liang jiang, xiang fu (in vinegar), ginger juice Warms the middle burner, dispels cold, promotes the movement of qi, and alleviates pain. stagnation of the LV qi w cold congealing in the ST, one of many etiologies that lead to pain in both the epigastrium (corresp. to ST) and the hypochondria (corresponding to the LV) a stifling sensation in the chest, hypochondriac pain, epigastric pain that responds favorably to warmth, painful menstruation, white tongue coating give lemon juice (if) extreme fever (w) ginger juice
promote the movement of qi Jin Ling Zi San / Melia Toosendan Powder (295) Zhang Yuan-Su (1186): Su Wen Bing Ji Qi Yi Bao Ming Ji - Collection of Writings on the Mechanism of Illness, Suitability of Qi, & Safe-guarding of Life as Discussed in the Basic Questions C: jin ling zi, D: yan hu suo, wine Spreads LV qi, drains heat, regulates the qi, and alleviates pain. LV constraint turning into heat intermittent epigastric and hypochondriac pain, hernial pain, menstrual pain that is aggravated by the ingestion of hot food or beverages, irritability, red tongue, yellow coating, wiry, or rapid pulse Jump long, Zack. You have strength
promote the movement of qi Tian Tai Wu Yao San / Top-Quality Lindera Powder (296) Li Ao (Jin-Tartar): Yi Xue Fa Ming - Medical Innovations C: wu yao, D: mu xiang, D: xiao hui xiang, D: qing pi, D: gao liang jiang, A: bing lang, A: jin ling zi, A: ba dou, wine Promotes the movement of qi, spreads LV qi, scatters cold, and alleviates pain. stagnation in the LV channel usually from the invasion of cold, causing hernial disorders May be localized sensations of cold and hardness, lower abdominal pain radiating to the testicles, pale tongue, white coating, submerged, or wiry, slow pulse what (do) you make (of the) excessively exalted holy christian quiristers prancing galantly (on) lent, judging by listening just leads zealots (to) be doubtful.
promote the movement of qi Ju He Wan / Tangerine Seed Pill (298) Yan Yong-He (1253): Ji Sheng Fang — Formulas to Aid the Living C: ju he, D: jin ling zi, D: mu xiang, D: tao ren, D: yan hu suo, A: rou gui, A: mu tong, A: hou po, A: zhi shi, A: hai zao, A: kun bu, A: hai dai, wine Promotes the movement of qi, alleviates pain, softens hardness, and dissipates clumps. hernial disorder due to damp-cold invading the LV channel unilateral testicular swelling w colicky pain reaching to umbilicus, or a rock-like hardness & swelling of the scrotum w oozing of a yellow fluid. In severe cases, abscess and ulceration may occur jittery hands jitter like ziti manically expressing tasty results. You haven't seen restaurants grow much today, however prevalent ziti (is) served hidden (in) zuppa (with) kohlrabi, beans. Have delicious wine.
direct rebellious qi downward Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang / Perilla Fruit Decoction for Directing Qi Downward (299) Government Pharmacopia (1078-85): Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang - Imperial Grace Formulary C: su zi, D: ban xia, A: dang gui, E: gan cao, D: hou po, D: qian hu, A: rou gui, E: sheng jiang, E: da zao, E: su ye Directs rebellious qi downward, arrests wheezing, stops coughing, and warms and transforms phlegm-cold. congested fluids with KD deficiency, a type of excess above and deficiency below shortness of breath marked by relatively labored inhalation and smooth exhalation, stifling sensation in the chest and diaphragm, There may also be weakness & pain of the lower back & legs, edema of the limbs, slippery or greasy white tongue coat serving zeppoles before christmas during Geraldine's Georgia country- home party, qualifies Henrietta's rogue granddaughter (to) serve juice delivering zesty sweet yum
direct rebellious qi downward Ding Chuan Tang / Arrest Wheezing Decoction (300) Wu Min (1530): Fu Shou Jing Fang - Exquisite Formulas for Fostering Longevity C: yin xing, C: ma huang, D: ban xia, D: xing ren, D: kuan dong hua, D: su zi, A: huang qin, A: sang bai pi, E: gan cao Disseminates and redirects the LU qi, arrests wheezing, clears heat, and transforms phlegm. wheezing caused by wind-cold constraining the exterior and phlegm-heat smoldering in the interior possibly simultaneous fever and chills, labored breathing, coughing and wheezing w copious, thick and yellow sputum, greasy yellow tongue coat , slippery, rapid pulse Yesterday Christine made humus salad (w) zucchini garlic, carrots kale (& a) drop (of) hotsauce! Expecting results she brought pita heated quickly before crispiness.
direct rebellious qi downward Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang / Inula & Hematite Decoction (302) Zhang Zhong-Jing (150-219): Shang Han Lun - On Cold Damage C: xuan fu hua, C: dai zhe shi, D: ban xia, D: sheng jiang, A: ren shen, A: zhi gan cao, A: da zao Directs rebellious qi downward, transforms phlegm, augments the qi, and harmonizes the ST phlegm turbidity obstructing the interior with weak deficient ST qi hard epigastric focal distention, unremitting belching, hiccough, regurgitation, nausea or vomiting, white slippery tongue coat, wiry deficient pulse extravagant fancy hats don’t zenfully sit between exaltant Sunday jaunters. Rather, sport zazzy gauzy cotton, damask & zari
direct rebellious qi downward Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang / Tangerine Peel & Bamboo Shavings Decotion (304) Zhang Zhong-Jing (150-219): Jin Gui Yao Lue - Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Coffer C: chen pi, C: zhu ru, D: ren shen, D: sheng jiang, A: da zao, A: gan cao Directs rebellious qi downward, stops hiccough, augments the qi, and clears heat. Focus is on directing rebellious qi downward by resolving constraint. ST deficiency w heat from constraint. Also for vomiting due to debility after a prolonged illness. hiccough, nausea, dry heaves, or retching, red tongue, tender, deficient, rapid pulse Counting pinetrees, Zach runs recreationally (on) Saturdays, since June generates countless dry zones
direct rebellious qi downward Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang / Clove & Persimmon Calyx Decoction (305) Qin Jing-Ming (1702): Zheng Yin Mai Zhi - Pattern, Cause, Pulse and Treatment C: ding xiang, C: shi di, D: sheng jiang, A: ren shen Augments the qi, warms the middle burner, directs rebellious qi downward, and stops hiccough. Focus is on directing rebellious qi downward and warming the middle burner. hiccough, belching or vomiting due to cold from deficiency of the ST focal distention of the chest, stifling sensation in the epigastrium, hiccough, belching, or vomiting, pale tongue, white coat, submerged, slow pulse don't examine sisters dead rabbit sitting (under) shady jasmine (bush)
promote the movement of qi Yue Ju Wan / Escape Constraint Pill (290) Zhu Dan-Xi (1280-1358): Dan Xi Xin Fa - Teachings of Dan-Xi D: cang zhu, D: chuan xiong, C: xiang fu, D: shan zhi zi, D: shen qu Promotes the movement of qi and releases constraint. The focus is on unblocking the ascending and descending functions of the qi dynamic in the middle burner. constraint due to stagnant qi mild coughing w copious sputum, stifling sensation in the chest, fixed pain in the hypochondria, focal distention, stifling sensation in the abdomen, reduced appetite, indigestion, belching, vomiting, acid regurgitation can't zenful countryroads criss cross forever seeing (as) zero zingaro still quagswag
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