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Rolling Prone to supine log roll without rotation 4-6 months Supine to prone without rotation 5-7 months Prone <> supine with segmental roll (with rotation) 6-9 months
Sitting Unsustained and arm support 4-5 months Sustained arm support 5-6 months Unsustained no arm support 6-7 months sustained no arm support 7-9 months
Mobility crawling 7-9 months creeping 9-11 months Cruising 9-13 months Walking 12-14 months
Reaching Bilateral 4 months Unilateral 6 months Functional reach 9 months
Grasp raking and contacting 6 months inferior scissors grasp 7 months scirssors grasp 8 months inferior pincer grasp 9 months pincer grasp 10 months fine pincer 12 months
Releasing involuntary 1-4 months two stage transfer 5-6 months one stage transfer 6-7 months voluntary release 7-9 months full arm extension 9 months
In hand manipulation finger to palm translation 12-15 months palm to finger translation, simple rotation 2-2.5 years shift 3-6 years complex rotation 6-7 years
Handwriting palmar supinate grasp 1-1.5 years digital pronate grasp 2-3 years static tripod 3.5 to 4 years dynamic tripod 4.5 to 6 years
Scissors hold and snip, open and close 2-3 years Forward line and simple geometric shapes 3-4 years cuts circles 3.5 to 4.5 years simple figures 4-6 years complex 6-7 years
Play Exploratory 0-2 years symbolic 2-4 years creative 4-7 years games 7-12 years
Feeding liquids 1-2 months Pureed 3 months pureed, strained, soft solids, finger feeding 6 months ground and mashed 9 months coarsely chopped table foods, easily chewed meats, spoon introduced 12 months most meats and veggy 18 month all food 24 month
Dressing 1 year: pull off shoes and socks 2 years: helps pull down pants 2.5 years: removes pull down pants, unbutton large button, front button shirt 3 years: pullover min assist, shoes and socks, assist to remove shirt 3.5 years: snaps and hooks, dresses wit
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