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Spelling Unit 16

Spelling and Vocabulary Grade 4 Unit 16

turkey large North American bird that has brownish feathers and is raised for food
lonely sad at being alone
merry full of good humor
steady not likely to shift or wobble; firm
hungry wanting food
valley long narrow area between mountains
hockey game played by two teams
starry full of stars
melody series of pleasing musical tones
movie motion picture
duty action that requires a person's occupation
drowsy sleepy
chimney hollow passage for smoke or gas, rises above the road of a building
plenty full supply or amount
daily every day
alley narrow street between buildings
eighty equal to ten times eight
empty containing nothing
injury damage or harm
prairie wide area of flat
cherry small rounded red or yellow fruit
jelly soft semi-soft food made by boiling sugar and fruit juice
sticky tending to stick, adhesive
worry feel or cause to feel uneasy
curly having curls
envy jealousy, strong desire to have something for oneself
fiery glows like fire
mercy kindness that goes beyond what can be expected
discovery act of finding out or learning
mystery piece of fiction dealing with solving a crime
Created by: cindyrios