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summer of the monkys

Foothill A low hill at the base of a mountain or mountain range.
Sharecropper A tenant farmer who gives a part of each crop as rent.
terrapin A small edible turtle with lozenge-shaped markings on its shell, found in coastal marshes of the eastern US.
hypnotize Produce a state of hypnosis in (someone)
slough A situation characterized by lack of progress or activity.
Flinch make a quick, nervous movement of the face or body as an instinctive reaction to surprise, fear or pain.
Sorghum a widely cultivated cereal native to warm regions of the Old World. It is a major source of grain and of feed for livestock.
Jasper an opaque reddish-brown variety of chalcedony.
Anvil a heavy steel or iron block with a flat top, concave sides, and typically a pointed end, on which metal can be hammered and shaped
churn a machine or container in which butter is made by agitating milk or cream
Caper skip or dance about in a lively or playful way
commotion a state of confused and noisy disturbance
underbrush shrubs and small trees forming the undergrowth in a forest
lope run or move with a long bounding stride.
flounce go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner
aggravate annoy or exasperate (someone), especially persistently
expedition a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, scientific research, or war
maneuver . a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care
trance a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.
Frothead form or contain a rising or overflowing mass of small bubbles
pallet a straw mattress. a crude or makeshift bed
caboodle the whole number or quantity of people or things in question.
quavering (of a person's voice) shake or tremble in speaking, typically through nervousness or emotion
moonshine illicitly distilled or smuggled liquor
prowl (of a person or animal) move around restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of or as if in search of prey. "black bears pr
squall a sudden violent gust of wind or a localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet.
incubator an enclosed apparatus providing a controlled environment for the care and protection of premature or unusually small babies
permissions consent; authorization. or the other thing its supposed to be.
unruly disorderly and disruptive and not amenable to discipline or control.
sly having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature
Codger an elderly man, especially one who is old-fashioned or eccentric.
Buckboard an open, four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage with seating that is attached to a plank stretching between the front and rear axles
Created by: cap201095357