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I take my place before you great and oh merciful father Zeus Hera wife of Zeus Thetis goddess of de sea Aphrodite to beg your forgiveness Dearest Clio you have given way to the curse of love inflicted upon you by your mischievous sisters. And that is a foolishness and folly which I can not accept from one of my offspring AND SO I MUST PUNISH YOU
But my lord surely as you have created this child with the Goddess of memory surely you have it in your heart to forgive her These are the rules I have created and they are the rules by which I must abide by
But I Aphrodite goddess of love implore you be lenient with you I sense this is love is not a curse but actual genuine love Never! TIS A CURSE A CURSE PLACED OPON HER BY HER SISTERS AND SHE MY SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES
She's got it bad and that ain't good I shall now proclaim my sentence
How Impossible
So that their only vulnerable spot is their ankles I remember this Thetis but I do not see ho-
Then it is true love has triumphed Clio truly did fall in love with that mortal I do not care she shall be banished anyway
HAVE U EVER BEEN MELLOW Oh you gods and goddesses have twisted my OMNIPOTENT (Omni-potent) arm. CLIO MAY LIVE Let Ovid and Homer take note, I am indeed mellow
I believe you Kira I love you Who is this mere mortal he is forbidden in the world of the gods
I don't care I will fight anyone or anything to be with this woman I love YOU WOULD DARE TO FIGHT ME
Yes I love her that much Well Ive never seen that before someone who loves that much and Clio do you love this mortal
With all my heart And would you willingly give up your powers even immortality
I would But Clio this is 1980 the muses are in retreat creativity shall remained stymie for decades The theater? They'll just take some stinkeroo movie and some songwriters catalog through it on a stage and call it a show!
I begin this quest for earth today with a roller disco Then so be it. Clio you must now live in earth as a mortal and as an Australian
Thanks mate And now before you leave me forever one final gift
And tragedy Be gone with you The quest for Xanadu will end shortly and happily
Short and happy we are outraged OUTRAGED QUIETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
I love u u can creat wit ever u want Myopic mortal that is greatest achievement any of you might hope for to love someone else and to create art that is XANADU
Created by: Sprinkleberry101