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Somali - Nouns

Lesson 1

dhabar back
subax Morning
nabad peace
agagaar Surroundings
badh half
dhul earth
dad people
dab fire
bad sea
gces horn
fure key
xaj Pilgramage (to Mecca)
jid Road
Ninka the man
AF Somali Somali Language
maanta today
shaah Tea
caleen leaf
sokor sugar
shaah Cadeesah tea with milk
shaah bigeesah tea with sugar
macalin teacher
saliid oil
bur white flour
bariis rice
biyo water
magaalo city
madah capitol
tuulo small town
sabuurad writing board
qalin writing instrument
guri house
miis table
masasax anything that wipes
tirtire the eraser
iftiin light
nal light bulb
biyo water
nalka golka jiika living room
barahdada public greeting room
kore the upper one
arday student
Cimila climate/weather
Kuleel hot
qaboow cold
dhaxan Chilly
kabo shoes
Cadaan ka white
Badoow Black
Buluug Blue
guduud or Casaan (North Somali Somaliland) Red
Jaale Yellow
Santuukh Box Singular
Santuukhyo Boxes Plural
Halshaar shirt singular
Labo Shaat two shirts
guriga house
gaari car
Baabuur cars
maroodi elephant
wiil boy
wiilah boys
gabar girl
gabdho girls
koonfur South
waqooyi North
galbeed West
Bari East
Maalin day
habeen night
subugx morning
galab afternoon
Fiid evening
wanaagasan good
Maalin Wanaagasan good day
haneeb Wanaagasan good night
Suxbgbu Wanaagasan good morning
galab Wanaagasan good afternoon
Fiid Wanaagasan good evening
biyo water
LaCag Lug Luu money
Rooti bread
Subag butter
Cunto/Raashim Food
Shago work
Muusiko Muusiq Music
Kaalmo gar-gaar Caawimo Caawin help
Sunkor Sokor Sugar
Shaah Caleenshaah tea
bun qaxwe coffee
kalluun kaluun Mallay Fish
hilip meat
Fuud Maraq Soup
Cusbo Milix Salt
Bariis Bariid Rice
Created by: d.mowen



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