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Who is responsible for current Airside Traffic Directives? The AVOP holder.
Who is responsible for the safe operation of an AVOP vehicle? The vehicle operator.
If the AVOP vehicle is malfunctioning, who is responsible for reporting these issues? The vehicle operator.
Who should you report potential hazards to? The Authority
Do you need a valid drivers license when operating an AVOP vehicle? Yes
If you are suspended from driving your car for some reason, are you required to report this to the Authority? Yes
How is a RAIC required to be worn by a person? Visible at all times?
Can you as an airport employee challenge another RAIC holder if you see this person not wearing a RAIC in a restricted area? Yes, you must have a valid RAIC.
Are you responsible to ensure all Gates are closed and secured on the airside area? Yes, if you have the authority to be on the airfield.
What are the valid ID required for an AVOP License? Valid drivers license and a valid RAIC.
Who is responsible to ensure that proper training is carried out for an AVOP prospect? The employer.
When can you operate a vehicle on the airisde? Holding a valid AVOP, or by the authority coordinator.
When does an issued AVOP expire? In 5 years.
If you are absent for a long time from driving airside, and need to be retested, how long is the time period required for retesting? 4 months
After receiving your AVOP, how long do you have before testing must be done? 180 days
If you work for company A with a D permit, and you work for company B with a D/A permit, how is this situation observed as? They are not interchangable between companies. D cannot be used for Company B.
All vehicles with some exception must display or have the vehicle equipped with which items? Yellow Beacon // Headlights // Parking and Tail lights
If on an Apron, when can the Beacon be turned off? When stationary, within a operational stand perimeter, service to an Aircraft
Trailers and Carts used by tugs and powered vehicles must be marked in which manner? Marked with reflective markings on front, back and sides.
Can a airside vehicle with no license plates be on groundside? No.,
What is the correct way to deal with very important visitors such as gov't officials etc. Stay away from the area.
If an air crash occurs on the airfield, how would you approach this scene? Stay away and clear of the area
Who is responsible for loads and cargo on the air field? The operator.
When a cargo vehicle is exiting a baggage hall, what shall be done? Complete stop, look both ways and proceed if clear and safe to do so.
Speed limit in baggage halls shall not be more then? The walking speed of a person.
Where shall vehicles be parked when not in use? In approved parking areas only.
Are Fuel trucks aloud to pass through breezeways? No
What is the maximum distance a fuel truck should be from a building? 15 meters
What are the maximum number of vehicles that may be escorted on Airside? 3
At YYC, what other types of vehicles can be used? Bicycles and Pedways by Medical and CPS
If an airside operator needs to have a smoke, where can they do this? At designated areas only.
When shall an accident be reported and to who? Immediately to your supervisor.
When can a vehicle pass in front or behind an Aircraft? If engine(s) are running? Wheels are chocked, and the ground Marshall gives direction and permission to do so.
What other markings must a vehicle have displayed on it? Company markings or Logos.
What is an exception to Markings and Logos? If Air side escorting of an unmarked vehicle is allowed.
If an aircraft is under tow, backing up or docking, can you drive in front or behind? No.
Can cell phones be used openly? Only in designated areas
What is the required distance that a vehicle can be parked within a Fence? 1 meter
If you are air side and see debris that is a potential hazard, what shall you do? Remove it when it is safe to do so.
If you see a potential hazard that can damage an aircraft, who do you report it to immediately? The ADM and your supervisor.
How can an AVOP be revoked? No longer required for the use of employment.
What is another reason for the revoking of an AVOP? For the interest of Public Safety and for non-punitive reasons.
How are vehicle AVOP drivers monitored? Point system.
When an AVOP operator receives a violation, how is it handled? Both Must meet with the Authority and employee's representative.
What is the max Cargo Dollies allowed to be towed? Four (4)
Which type of vehicle has the right away overall? Aircraft Under power or tow.
Aerodrome area in which is used for Take-off, Landing, Taxi,. and consists of aprons and maneuvering areas? Movement area
Aerodrome area in which is used for Take-off, Landing, Taxi,. and and does NOT consists of aprons ? Maneuvering areas
Which part of the Aerodrome is used for passenger loading and unloading? Apron
What is the Critical Restricted Area, inclusive of Aprons? Any area identified by the Aerodrome Operator
Is anyone exempt from screening at NPS-V checkpoint? No one is exempt, whether testing for AVOP or not.
The speed limit for Aprons / VSR's and Underpasses are? 30 kmh
What is the Breezeway speed limit? 10 kmh
Which vehicle has the right of way on a VSR? The one on the right.
Where can you park vehicles? Only on designated areas of the Apron.
How should vehicles be parked in designated areas on the apron? Backed in to the approved space.
On a perimeter road what is the speed limit? Not to exceed 50 kmh.
Why would a vehicle move on the VSR? When going from one stand to the next.
Can you pass vehicles on the VSR? Yes if they are slower and if you do not exceed the speed limit.
What color are lines that pertain to aircraft movements? Yellow
What color are apron safety lines or parking area boundries? Red and White.
What color are the lines that are used for vehicles and passenger walkways? White
How are VSR's marked on the Apron? Two Solid Lines and 1 center broken line.
Edge way and taxiway lights are what color? Blue
At the intersection of a Apron and a Taxi way, what colors is the lighting? Double Amber, that flash off and on.
Which vehicles are allowed to operate in the ITB outbound baggage makeup areas? Electrically powered and with a maximum of 4 carts.
What is the maximum Cargo Pallet Dollies that can be towed behind a tub? Four
Edge and Taxiway lights are what color? Blue
When you come to in intersecting taxiway, what should you see in regards to lighting? Double Blue Lights
How can you tell when you are at the intersection of a Taxiway and Runway? Double Amber Flashing lights in wig wag mode
All aircraft movement is identified by which color, or line markings? Yellow
A D/A South side holder can use which Taxiway Only? P taxiway
A D/A South side holder can use which perimeter road only? Around the threshold of 35L
What is your speed limit if on the combined area of taxiway A and Apron 6? 30 kmh
When can a D/A holder, West side permit holder drive on Taxiway Directly driving with Aircraft in Tow, to and from and for operational requirements.
When do vehicles use VSR's on Apron 7 and 9? To and from warehouses and when aprons are available.
What are the only requirements for D/A West side holders? Apron 7 and 9 Perimeter road of 11
Can a D/A holder drive on Taxiway J? No
Apron 7 is accessible by which gate number? Gate 401
If a vehicle operator is responding to an Emergency, some where on the airfield, how should this be done? Use the words RESPONDING TO and and do not have to use perimeter roads
What is the number one rule for air side travel, for all vehicles? Always use Perimeter roads
YYC ground is responsible for which movements? Aircraft and vehicles on the manoeuving areas.
Blinking off and on of the runway lights mean? Vacate the runway immediatley.
What are the Threshold runway light color that are facing and marking the runway? Red
Two sided threshold markers are what color? Green and Red
The end of a paved surface is marked with what color? Single Red Line
What lights are found at the Runway Holding Position? Lights are elevated 17L-35R Elevated Stop Bar and Inset Guard Lights only
What color are runway edge lights? White or Yellow
What color are inset stop bar lights? Red
Location signs are colored with what 2 colors? Yellow on Black
Information signs are colored with which 2 color scheme? Black on Yellow
What signs are colored with black letters on a yellow background and can have letters or numbers? Direction in Movement areas.
What color are Runway Designation signs? White and Red
Parking area boundary lines are what color? White and Red
Describe a Hold Line before a Runway? Two Solid and Two Broken lines, with broken facing the runway
What does a Cat I Hold Line appear like? Yellow Ladder design on Black
What does an immediate Holding Line appear as? A Single broken line on black.
How does a Hold Position at a intersecting taxiway and runway? Red sign with white lettering Taxiway Location sign
What is Positive Control? When low visibility occurs and vehicle traffic is restircted
How are Tower commands and requests acknowledge? By the Read Back Completely method.
How can a vehicle with no Radio operate in the airfield? Must be escorted.
How is communication on the airfield be conducted? Clearly, concisely and brief.
Are there any known Radio blind spots? No
How is radio cross talk eliminated? Listen to the conversation to ensure it is completed.
What does a flashing white light from the tower indicate? Return to your starting point.
What does a Flashing Red Light indicate from the Tower? Vacate the Runway
What does a Steady Red Light indicate from the tower? Stop and Hold Position
When you get a Flashing Green Light from the tower, what is its meaning? Proceed
What do you do when a you have a Radio Failure? Turn and Face the Tower, Flash your headlights and wait for a response from YYC Ground.
If you were on the airfield , and had to go to another part of the airfield, and had no radio, what would you do? This involves crossing a runway? Hold short and wait for a Steady Green Light from the tower.
If your vehicle breaks down and is not able to restart, what shall you do? Inform Ground control, tell location and wait for assistance.
Are you able to operate within a Holding Position or a the runway edge? Only by permission of the Ground Controller.
How far away is considered a safe distance from the runway edge? 60 meters
Who is responsible for updates of the airside operations and other directives? The AVOP Holder
How is a RAIC carried? Visible at all times
Can other RAIC holders challenge other persons? Yes
When is an AVOP holder expired? When no longer working in that capacity.
When can a AVOP be suspended? When it is for non-punitive reasons.
What is the expiry date for an AVOP holder license? 5 Years
How long must a AVOP holder be retested if away from employment? 4 Months
How long before you have to be successful for the Night endorsement? 180 days
The only vehicle that has the right of way over all other airfield traffic is? Aircraft
Define the movement area? Take-offs; Landings; Taxing; Aprons and Manoeuvring Areas
What is defined as the Manoeuvring Areas? All areas except Aprons
Define the Apron? A place where aircraft are active, ground support vehicles and pedestrian traffic.
All aircraft movement areas are marked with what color paint and is used strictly for aircraft? Yellow
TAxiway and apron edge lights are what color? Single Blue
The intersection of a apron and a taxiway are what color? Double amber
When using the radio, what is a common practice? Listen for a clear spot to transmit.
How is a Hold Position marked? A Red sign with White Lettering.
How can a Hold Line for a runway appear like? Two solid Yellow and Two Broken Yellow lines with the broken facing the runway.
What is the color for a Runway Designation sign? Red with White Lettering.
A Directional or an Information Sign sign can be what color? Black on Yellow
An Location sign can be what color scheme? Yellow on Black
An inset stop bar is which color? Solid Red
Runway edge lights are what color? White or Yellow
How are the lights found at the runway holding position. All lights are elevated, and it is displayed as a Guard and Stop bar type.
The edge of a paved surface is marked with which color lights Red
When holding short of runway 35L, an AME operator must respond with which verse? Holding Short Rnwy 35L, and use call sign
East ground is on which frequency? 125.35
What is West Ground Frequency? 121.90
Where is a CAT 1 Hold Line located? 17R / Taxiway A and Rnwy 29 / Taxiway U
How should you Hold Short of the Cat 1 position? You Hold at the conventional line or as instructed by ground control.
If you are on the Taxiway F (F1), where do you hold short? Behind the loacation / directional sign.
What is found at the usual Hold Short markings? Runway designators and hold lines
What is the color for an Information Sign? Black Letters on Yellow Background
What tenants are located at Apron 7? Purolator Fedex UPS
What gate would you use to get to Apron 7? Gate 401
What is the special feature of Apron 9? Deals with Air Cargo both regular and specialized.
Apron 6 holds what tenant there? Customs
What is the name of the Taxiway that is located off of Apron 8 and next to Runway 08? Papa Taxiway, uncontrolled and can be only used by D/A holders.
What 2 Aprons are used for De-icing for aircraft? Apron 10 and off of Apron 9 and the entrance is Taxiway AE
Which Apron comes off of Runway 35L? Apron 3
Which taxiway goes around Apron 7? Whiskey
Where are the Compass Roses located, which Taxiways? Taxiway Papa and Mike
What 2 uncontrolled taxiway exits for Apron 2? GB and GD
A MAD marking does what for D/A holders? A MAD marking is a solid and a dashed line. Protects the D/A holder from violating a D area.
Can a D/A holder cross a MAD marking? No, unless escorted by a D holder.
What is found at the intersection of Aprons and Taxiways? Double Amber Lights
Can a D/A drive under a bridge? Yes
Can a D/A Southside operate on Apron 1 and 2? No
Can D/A southside operators use the perimeter road between Runway 26 and go around the threshold of Runway 26? No
Where can Westside D/A operators go? Aprons 7, 9 and apron 9 de-icing Perimeter road of 11 and 17R
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