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Julius Caesar Act1&2

Why are the people of Rome celebrating in the streets? Caesar returning from war with a victory
What warning does the Soothsayer give Caesar? Beware the ides of March
What two things does Casca see Caesar do while at the race? Caesar denies the crown 3 times and faints the last time he denies it.
What event does Casca say will take place the day after the events in Scene 3? Caesar will be a king, and he shall wear his crown.
Whom do Cassius, Casca, and Cinna want to help them with their plot? Brutus
Why is Brutus awake all night? He is debating with himself about whether to kill Caesar.
Why does Cassius want to kill Mark Antony? Mark Antony is Caesar's friend, so he might seek revenge if Caesar is killed.
What does Calpurnia urge Caesar to do? Remain at home
Why does Decius go to Caesar’s home? He needs to convince Caesar to go to the Capitol so that the conspirators can murder him.
What does Artemidoius want to give Caesar? A letter that warns of the plot against Caesar
Why Brutus decided to join the conspirators? He wants to prevent Caesar from becoming a dictator.
Created by: Mrs.Jfelling