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Head / Neck / Ab

Acupuncture Point Location

Shishencong 4 pts at the vertex of the head, each 1 cun anterior, posterior and lateral to DU20
Yintang Midway between the medial ends of eyebrows, @ inferior border of glabella
Yuyao Directly above pupil, at midpoint of eyebrow, in a depression in the frontal bone on supraorbital ridge
Taiyang In depression about 1 cun posterior to the midpont between outer canthus and lateral end of eyebrow
Erjian on the Apex of ear
Bitong @ top of nasolabial groove
Biyan Lateral to midline of the nose, between bone and cartilage at top of triangle
Jin Jin (L) Yuye (R) On the vein on both sides of frenulum of the tongue, JinJin (left) Yuye (right)
Bailao 2 cun above @ 1 cun lateral to GV14
Anmian Midway between SJ17 and GB20
Liniao On AML, halfway between umbilicus and upper border of pubis symphysis
Dingchuan .5 cun lateral to GV14 on Huatuo line
UB1 .1 cun medial and superior to the inner canthus of the eye
UB2 Superior to UB1, in a depression near the medial end of the eyebrow
UB3 directly abve UB2, .5 cun w/i hairline, level with DU24
UB4 .5cun w/i hairline 1.5 lateral to DU24, 1/3 the dist btween Du24 and ST8
UB9 1.3 cun lateral to DU17 (1.5 above DU16)
UB10 1.3 cun lateral to DU16 (level with BSP C1)
GB1 On lateral side of orbit, .5 lateral to outer canthus
GB2 In hollow btwn intertragic notch (post) and condyloid process (ant)
GB3 In hollow above Zygomatice arch, directly above ST7
GB8 In slight depression 1 cun directly above apex of ear
GB12 In depression just posterior to mastoid process
GB20 midway between DU16 and the mastoid process
GB24 Directly below nipple in 7th ICS
Ren 4 3 cun below umbilicus on AML
REN6 1.5 below the umbilicus on AML
REN8 in the center of the umbilicus
REN 12 4 cun above umbilicus on AML
REN17 AML, level with 4th ICS
REN23 on AML, in depression superior to the hyoid bone
DU15 On PML, level with BSP C1, .5 cun below DU16
DU16 .5 cun superior to DU15, in a depression below the EOP
DU20 7 cun superior to PHL and 5 cun posterior to AHL, on midline
ST1 Directly below pupil btween eyeball and infraorbital ridge
ST2 1 cun below pupil, in a depression @ infraorbital foramen
ST3 Below ST2 level with border of Ala NAsi, lateral side of groove
ST4 LAteral corner of mouth, directly below ST3
ST5 Anterior to angle of the mandible, ant border of the Masseter, in a depression
ST6 1 fingerbreadth anterior/ superior to lower angle of mandible, teeth clenched, part sticks out most
ST7 Lower border of Zygomatic arch, depression anterior to condyloid process with mouth closed
ST8 .5 cun w/i AHL, corner of forehead, 4.5 cun from GV24
ST9 Level with laryngeal prominence, just over the artery, anterior border of SCM
ST10 Midway between ST9 and ST11, anterior border of SCM
ST11 Superior border of sternal end of clavicle , between heads of SCM
ST12 Midpoint of supraclavicular fossa, 4 cun from midline
ST18 5th ICS, 4 cun from midline
ST21 4 cun above navel, 2 cun from CV12
ST25 2 cun lateral to navel (REN8)
ST28 3 cun below navel, 2 cun from REN4
ST30 5 cun below navel, 2 cun from REN2
SJ16 Post/ Inf to mastoid process, posterior border of SCM
SJ17 Post to earlobe, depression btwn mandible and mastoid
SJ18 Center of mastoid process, junc of middle and lower third of curve btwn SJ17 and SJ20, behind helix of ear
SJ19 Post to ear, junc of up/mid third of curve btwn SJ17 ad SJ20, behind helix
SJ20 Directly above ear apex, within hairline
SJ21 dep. ant to supratragic notch, slightly superior to condyloid process, mouth open
SJ22 Ant/ Sup to SJ21, level with root of auricle, post. border of hairline of temple
SJ23 Depression at lateral extremity of eyebrow
SI16 Neck, post. border of SCM, sup/post to LI18
SI17 Post. to angle of mandible, in depression on Ant. border of SCM
SI18 Below outer canthus, depression on lower border of Zygoma
LI17 Lateral side of neck, posterior border of SCM, lateral to adam's applem @ midpoint on line between LI18 and ST12
LI18 Level with Adam's apple, between heads of SCM
LI19 On upper lip right below lateral margin of nostril, level with DU26
LI20 In nasolabial groove, level w/ mid point of ala nasi
LV13 LAt. side of abdomen, below free end of 11th rib
LV14 Directly below nipple, in 6th ICS
KD16 .5 cun lateral to navel
KD25 2nd ICS, 2 cun from CV19 (AML)
SP15 4 cun lateral to center of navel
SP21 On midaxillary line, 6 cun below axilla, at free end of 11th rib, in 6th or 7th ICS
PHL to GV14 3 Cun
PHL to GV20 7 Cun
GV20 to AHL 5 Cun
PHL to AHL 12 Cun
AHL to Glabella 3 cun
Center of umbilicus (CV8) to Upper border of Pubis symphasis (CV2) 5 Cun
Center of umbilicus (CV8) to subcostal angle 8 cun
AML to LU2 6 cun
AML to mamillary line 4 cun
PC1 4th ICS, 5 cun from midline
GB26 Directly below free end of 11th rib, where LV13 is located, at level of umbilicus
Sanjiaojiu Measure the person's smile, form equilateral triangle with umbilicus as apex
Tituo 4 cun lateral to REN4
Zigonxue 4 cun below umbilicus, 3 cun lateral to midline
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