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Individual herbs

Clear heat & dry dampness

Clears heat & dries dampness, Clears heat & resolves toxicity, Clears heat & stops bleeding, clears heat & CALMS THE FETUS, SEDATES ASCENDING LIVER YANG Huang qin
Clears heat & drains dampness, drains fire & resloves fire toxicity, Clears heat & stops bleeding, GREAT FOR STOMACH & HEART FIRE, SPEC ANTIBIOTIC Huang Lian
DRAIN DAMP FROM LOWER JIAO, CLEARS EXCESS & DEF HEAT, DRAINS KIDNEY FIRE, drains fire & resolves fire toxicity Huang Bai
Clears heat & dries damp, disperses wind, KILLS PARASITES STOPS ITCHING, clears heat & PROMOTES URINATION Ku Shen
Drains damp heat from the liver & GB channel, drains & pacifies excessive liver fire, Liver wind heat Long dan cao
CHDD,Drains liver fire & BENEFITS THE EYES, disperses wind dampness, LUNG HEAT calms wheezing & stops coughs qin pi
CHRT, expels PUS, intestinal abscess, GYNECOLGICAL HERB Bai jiang cao 1 *
CHRT "CHIEF in Chauan xin lian" Viral throat infection MUMPS Ban lan gen
CHRT "CHIEF in Chauan xin lian" Viral illness INNER EAR INFECTION Da qing ye
CHRT, Lung heat w/ cough, trauma pain from blood stasis & toxic sores Hong tian kui 1 *
CHRT, Vents & disperses EXTERNALLY CONTRACTED WIND HEAT/ SUMMERHEAT, Clears damp heat from the lower burner Jin yin hua
CHRT, External wind heat, reduces abscesses & DISSIPATES CLUMPS, SWOLLEN GLANDS Lian qiao
Reduces abscesses & dissipates nodules, (MASTITIS)clears the liver & eyes (STUBBURN SINIS INFECTION), clears heat, resolves dampness & unblocks UTI & PUS/BLOOD STOOLS "NO BLIND PEOPLE IN THE WORLD" Pu gong ying
Dispels wind dampness, soothes the sinews and unblocks the channels & collaterals Ren dong teng
Clears heat & resolves toxicity Ye Ju hua
CHRT, reduces swellings & abscesses(STUBBURN LUNG INFECTION) , drains damp heat & promotes urination (GOOD FOR CANCER) Yu xing cao
CHRT Skin herb, acne, "SNAKEBITE" hot sores Zi hua di ding
Clears heat & resolves toxicity Qing dai
Created by: mishkasch