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Fallen Angels Review

Brenham Eng III Fallen Angels Review

Richie's first hours in Vietnam are characterized by intense fear.
Richie joins the army because he cannot afford to go to college and he does not want to answer questions about not going.
Richie injures his knee playing basketball.
Charlie is the Vietcong; the enemy.
Jenkins is killed when he steps on a land mine.
Shifting the action to the past is a literary device called flashback.
Lieutenant Carroll protest when he refers to fallen soldiers as angel warriors because the nation is sending boys to fight wars.
Hawaii represents heaven, hope, and normality.
Richie compares his life in Vietnam to his friends life in prison.
A "Dear John" letter is a letter when someone breaks up with someone else.
Richie sends a silk jacket to Kenny for his birthday.
Helicopters represent avenging angels, mercy, salvation.
Sappers are Vietnamese suicide squads.
Richie's mistake that could have been fatal to the entire squad was when he set up a clay-more to detonate towards the squad.
Richie narrowly escapes death when the VC soldier's gun malfunctions.
Peewee offers the greatest comfort to Richie.
Richie sustains a bullet wound to his leg.
When Richie sees Judy Duncan in the hospital, her mood is very disillusioned.
Soldiers who are wounded in combat receive the Purple Heart award.
Sergeant Dongan's attitude toward his men is very prejudicial.
For Peewee, the most harrowing image of the war was watching a mother booby trap her child.
Peewee and Richie spend the night in a spider hole.
Monaco has to return to fighting because his injuries are not bad enough and he has to serve for a full year.
On the flight home, the stewardess is uneasy when he sees Richie and Peewee holding hands.
There is no homecoming scene at the end of the novel because the author wanted the focus to remain on the friendship.
When a man from Charlie Company is discovered alive in a pile of bodies, Jamal makes his friend shoot him.
The men forget the ______ before leaving the burning hut. identification tags
Johnson shoots at Lieutenant Stewart when he commands Peewee to perform a dangerous order.
Monaco thinks he sees a live Cong in the hooch and goes crazy.
The Vietcong hide in the river and use _____ to breathe through. bamboo reeds
Monaco pretends to be dead while he is being watched by the VCs.
Perry was being sent home because his medical profile finally came through.
A pacification is a program to encourage peaceful submissions of Vietnamese.
A demilitarized zone is a place that has been cleared of enemies.
An interdiction is deterring enemy activity.
A fortified boundary is called a perimeter.
A spookie is known as a C-47 gunship.
A defense maneuver in which an attack is returned is called a counteroffensive.
Napalm is a gasoline filled bomb.
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