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Chapter 10 Security


Android The Google Operating System for mobile devices that is not proprietary
Application Control The tools responsible for distributing and controlling access to apps
Asset Tracking Maintaining an accurate record of company owned mobile devices
Credential Mangement A secure repository for storage valuable authentication information on a mobile device
Geo-Fencing Using a mobile devices GPS to define geographical boundaries where an app can be used
Geo Tagging Adding or allowing geographical identification in a mobile app
Inventory Control The operation of stockrooms where mobile deivces are stored prior to their dispersal
IOS The operating system for Apple mobile devices that is a closed and proprietary architecture
Location Services Services that can identify the location of a person carrying a mobile device or a specific store or restaurent
Lock Screen A technology that prevents a mobile device from being used until the user enters the correct passcore
MAM Mobile Application Management
Mobile Device Management Tools that allow a device to be managed remotely
Off-boarding The ability to quickly remove evices from the organizations network
On boarding The ability to rapidly erase sensitive data stored on a mobile device
Remote Wiping The ability remotely erase sensitive data stored on a mobile device
Secure Digital A small form facotr storage media of a varity of different types and sizes
Smartphone A mobile cell phone that has an operating system for running apps
Tablet Portable computing device that is generally larger than smartphones and smaller than notebooks
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