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Reflexive Verb

Je me
Tu te
il/elle/on se
nous nous
vous vous
ils/elles se
I wash myself je me lave
to have fun s'amuser
to rest se reposer
to get up se lever
For Je, tu, il/elle/on, and ils/elles... what do you do with the verb lever you put a grave accent over the first e, as well as conjugate it (example: je me lève.)
to wake up se réveiller
to wash se laver
to go to bed se coucher
to get dressed s'habiller
to brush (your teeth) se brosser (les dents)
to wash (your hair) se lave (les cheveux)
toothbrush une brosse à dents
comb un peigne
hair brush une brosse à cheveux
lipstick du rouge à lèvres
toothpaste du dentifrice
soap du savon
razor un rasoir
to go for a walk promener (add accent grave on first e with je, tu, il, and ils
to put on makeup se maquiller
shampoo du shampooing
conditioner après-shampooing
Created by: RachelRodrigues