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Word Processing Processes large volumes of text
Title Bar Displays name of file being worked on
Scroll Bar Scrolls horizontal or vertically on the document
Ruler Displays page area within margins
Status Bar Displays number of pages and words used within document
Read Mode Allows you to view the document in full screen in order to maximise the space available for reading or commenting on the document
Print Layout View Accurately shows how text and other page elements will be printed. This view is useful when adjusting margins and layout
Web Layout In this view lines of text are wrapped as they would be in a web browser and graphics are shown in their correct locations.
Outline Boundaries and margins are not shown and sections can be expanded or collapsed as required
Draft Used for entering and formatting text and does not show page borders.
Spelling and grammar checker Automatically point out your spelling or grammatical mistakes and offer suggestions on correcting these errors
Cut Removes text from its original location
Copy Copies text
Paste Pastes copied or cut text to chosen location
Clipboard Place where copied items go before being pasted
Move Moves highlighted text to another location
Undo Undoes last command
Redo Redoes last command
Header/Footer Area outside of document in which to insert page numbers, date of creation and other fields
Document Orientation Portrait or Landscape
Page Break A line in a document that marks the end of one page and the beginning of another
Line Spacing Automatic spacing between lines in a paragraph.
Table A collection of rows and columns
Borders Adding a border or inside lines to a table or piece of text or whole page
Shading Applying colour to a table cell or cells
Text Box To label diagrams or apply a border to text
Columns Used for creating documents such as newspaper layout
Indent Text Distance between the text and the margin
Bullets and Numbering Applied to a list of items in a document
Text Formatting Applying bold, underline, font size, font colour etc
Insert Tab Insert a picture, shape, graph etc
Comment Used to show where changes have been made to a document or for tutors to electronically mark learners work
Hyperlink Links a web address, image or piece of text to another place or document or website.
Crop Tool Removes unwanted space around an inserted image or object
Group and Ungroup Will group images and shapes together as one
Text Wrapping Allows you to add an image at the side of a paragraph and the text will automatically wrap around the image.
Created by: donnaowen