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Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

Site This drop down menu is used to create a Dreamweaver site folder
tabular When importing spreadsheet data, you choose to import as Excel data or this type of data:
rollover Under Insert> Image, you can insert this type of image that has an original and a second image that changes when your mouse points to it:
form When creating forms with fields such as username, password, email, or buttons, you can use the Insert panel and this subcategory:
Word Document To bring in text from a Word document (text and formatting) click File> Import and:
alt To add a text alternative to an image, write in this box in the Properties panel:
mailto: To hyperlink to an email address, insert a link and add this before the email address:
semantic HTML5 introduced several new elements, such as Video, Figure, and Audio. These elements are called:
plug-ins One benefit of HTML5 video tag use is that browsers won't need to download or install these to run video:
Shift If trying to select text, you can click at the beginning of a table or a paragraph, hold this, and then click at the end to select an entire block:
workspace After reorganizing panels, you can save this as an arrangement configured the way you want with only the panels you want.
structure To insert headers, footers, or div from the Insert panel, set the category to:
edit When using the Files panel, to delete an object, you right click and click this to get to the Delete option:
Assets This panel can hold images, colors, videos, and other objects and specifics for a site.
Split This view allows the editor to see Code and Design view at the same time.
cookies The effect of large file sizes, special features, and acceptance of these might vary depending on end-user issues such as speed or resolution:
design A ____________ team would discuss planning, timeline, and due dates.
captions Text alternatives and these can be read by screen readers.
reading When designing for a specific age group, this level must be appropriate:
wireframe Shows the relationship between web pages within a site.
snippets These can be created and saved to reuse code, insert common elements, or even find pre-made navigation bar, favicon, mailto: or CSS animations codes.
navigation This, which shows how to get around a website, should be consistent from page to page
asymmetric A layout design that does not create a mirror image for balance is considered:
usability Seeing how users interact with a site with no instruction refers to testing this:
IE Dreamweaver CC does not provide preview for this complicated browser
cloaking You can choose to do this to certain files so they do not upload when you upload a website.
meta these tags are used by search engines to find info about your website for directory
Files This panel is where you can connect to and upload files to your actual website on the internet.
Put The "up arrow" in the Files panel is used to do this
Get The "down arrow" in the Files panel is used to do this
Connect The first button that looks like two "plugs" is used to ____ to the remote server.
Format Use this drop down arrow in the Properties panel to change words to a different text code--such as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.
globe The button with this on it in the bottom right of the coding screen is used to Preview the site in the browser.
Font-awesome This downloadable CSS provides lots of icons free to use in coding without using images
animate This downloadable CSS provides lots of animations you can apply to your webpage without needing Javascript.
servers The site setup dialog box lets you set the remote site for upload to actual internet ___________.
Alt If you clicked on an image, you can set the words that appear if an image is broken by using Properties panel in this box:
red What color is this code a shade of? #900
green What color is this code a shade of? #090
blue What color is this code a shade of? #009
layout Dashed lines in the Dreamweaver view represent CSS ______ outlines.
target When creating a hyperlink be sure to include this attribute to tell it to open in a new window.
FTP The default site setup connection type on Dreamweaver for uploading is this:
Insert This panel, in the Form drop down, has a drag and drop way to create form fields, such as password boxes and submit buttons.
DOM This panel includes an interactive tree representation of the HTML elements that provides a structure for a page that can easily be dragged and dropped to rearrange elements.
class In Live View, the Plus Sign that appears next to an element when you click on it (such an image) allows you to attach a:
merge When using tables in DW, the Properties has a box at bottom left that looks like two squares next to each other. That is used to _____ cells.
split When using tables in DW, the Properties has a box at bottom left that looks like two squares missing a side with lines exploding out next to each other. That is used to _____ cells.
imagemap A graphic image where a user can click on different parts of the image and be directed to different destinations.
coords Attribute used to set the coordinates/edges of an imagemap; generated automatically in DW when clicking the image edges.
icon The relationship attribute value for setting a favicon.
flex When divs are set to 50%, set display to this to easily have columns stacked side by side.
1.0 When designing for responsiveness, initial scale should be set to this:
breakpoints @media queries that show on the DW ruler bar with max and min widths for various views (mobile, desktop, etc.).
fixed Background-attachment value for creating a parallax or stationary background look.
@media Most efficient way to create a load a print version for a webpage.
box-shadow CSS property for adding shadow to elements.
transform CSS property for adding rotation.
transition CSS property for adding a transition effect.
HTML5 shiv Code used to make older browsers recognize semantic elements.
WebM HTML 5 supports (to some degree) MP4 video, Ogg video, and:
meta Tags that go in the head and provide additional information for the browser or search engines, such as keywords, description, or even to set responsiveness with initial-scale and device-width.
iframe Tag used to embed YouTube videos.
audio Tag used to insert audio files.
block To make an image tag work like a paragraph tag, change the display value to this.
none To make something "not print" when setting media queries for a print stylesheet, set display value to this:
frameworks CSS or front-end __________ are packages containing pre-written, standardized code in files and folders for web design.
Scrollspy This bootstrap component uses data-target to automatically update links in a navigation list based on scroll position.
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