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Cell Formatting Changing the appearance of the data or cell.
Workbook A spreadsheet file containing 1 or more worksheets
Worksheet A page(s) within a workbook
Worksheet Tab A tab at the bottom of a worksheet
Toolbar Ribbon A ribbon at the top of the screen
Toolbar Tab Takes you to a different ribbon containing various icons and groups.
Icon Button to allow you to select an option
Group Groups together objects of a similar nature
Data Alignment Data alignment within a cell
Text Wrap Allows cells with large headings to be wrapped within a cell
Centre and Merge Centre and merge data across a number of columns or rows
Data Formatting Formats data into different categories
Conditional Formatting Changes the appearance of data within a cell
Find/Replace Search for a word or number and replace with an alternative
Page Layout Set the layout of page including margins
Cell Manipulation Cut, copy, move or paste data
Autofil Allows you to copy a series of data across columns or down rows
Replicate Copy formula across columns or down rows
Cell Protection Protects a cell or numerous cells from being edited by a user
Linking Cells Use of cell references to perform calculations or add data from cells in another worksheet or workbook
Graph/Chart Data can be converted from a table into a graph or chart which is easy to analyse
Pie Chart Shows data from 1 series in segments of a pie chart
Bar/Column Chart Shows data from 1 or more series in vertical columns or horizontal bars
Line Graph Shows data from 1 or more series in horizontal lines
Chart title Name of the chart
Axis Titles Horizontal X Axis or Vertical Y Axis titles explaining contents of graph
Legend Shows series of data being compared
Data Labels Gives values, percentages or labels on graphs and charts
Data Manipulation Manipulating data within worksheets
Sorting Sorts data in alphabetical or numerical ascending or descending order
Filtering Filters data within columns e.g. groups categories together
Operators Used within formulae or functions to show greater than, less than, equal to etc
Data Entry Form Uses Visual Basic to create a form which feeds into a spreadsheet table.
Freeze Panes Freeze columns and rows so that the labels are always visible when scrolling up and down and left and right
Split Window Split a worksheet into 4 sections
Formulae Creating calculations using cell references
Relative Cell Referencing Uses formulae or functions relative to the row or column they are making the calculation in
Absolute Cell Referencing Uses formulae or functions to perform calculations using a cell which will not change and locks the cell in the calculation using dollar signs
BODMAS Order of precedence of performing calculations
Two Stage Calculations Using brackets and signs to perform one part of calculation before the other
Named Ranges Naming a column or row of cells which can then be used in formulae to perform calculations
Functions A pre-set group of formulae
VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP A function used to return values in one table taking data from another table
Logical Function Uses a function to return a value dependent upon certain criteria
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