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Business Documents

Vocabulary Terms and Definitions for IBCT Business Documents

Block Style Business Letter Written correspondence sent through the mail. It has a return address at the top, a signature at the bottom, and all parts are lined up on the left margin.
Email Electronic message used by individuals to communicate with one another.
Newsletter A regularly distributed publication that reports information and news; given to members of a society, business, or organization.
Reference Page A list of sources sometimes included with a report.
Template A feature that includes pre-made documents that allow the user to fill-in-the blanks to create new documents, such as calendars, invoices, reports, resumes, etc.; enhances user's efficiency and creativity.
Unbound Report Short reports that are prepared without a binder. These reports include title, sub-heading, and source information.
Proofreader's Marks Symbols used to indicate errors that need correcting when rekeying copy.
Brochure A folded booklet that is distributed for advertisement, informative, and/or or reference material.
Flyer A printed advertisement used to draw attention to an event, service, product, or idea; typically posted in a public place, handed out to individuals, or sent through the mail.
Created by: MsHallBusEd