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Unit 8

Anaerobe terminology

What is meconium made of and where is it found? Meconium is made up of mucus, desquamated cells, and bile. It is a pasty, greenish mass found in the intestines of fetuses.
True or false: sulfur granules contain sulfur. False. Sulfur granules are small colonies of organisms with surrounding club-like material. They are typically yellow-brown and resemble grains of sulfur but do not actually contain sulfur.
How is "laked blood" agar created? "Laked blood" is typically created by alternate freezing and thawing of the media, causing the red blood cells to hemolyze.
What is the name of the method used to separate substances by allowing their volatile phase to flow through a heated column? Gas liquid chromatography
What is the device used for the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria that has ports through which a tech can work called? This device is called a glove box or gloveless box. It has flexible, semi-rigid, or completely rigid plastic walls, glove ports, and an interchange/air-lock through which materials are brought into the work area.
Created by: nkniep