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Albanian PC Unit 2

Unit 2 review of Peace Corps Albania language

burku beautifully
dëgjoj to hear, to listen
dërgoj to send
disa some
freskët (i/e) chilly
gati ready
hap to open
karrige/ja chair
kuptoj to understand
luaj to play
mbaroj to finish
mbyll to close, to shut
mësoj to learn
një herë once
pak few, a little
pjesë/a piece
shkoj to go
shkruhet is written
studioj to study
tabelë table, chart
të gjitha all
ne te gjitha we all
dërrasë e zezë blackboard
vitzatoj to draw
teatër theater
fundjavë/a weekend
përdor to use
sa herë? / sa shpesh? how often?
sot today
pasnesër the day after tomorrow
pastaj later on
herët early
ende yet still
përsëri, prapë again
nesër tomorrow
shpejt fast, quickly, soon
dje yesterday
vonë late
tani now
pardje the day before yesterday
ne hamë we eat
ju hani you eat (formal)
ata/ato hanë they eat
ne rrimë we stay
ju rrini we stay (formal)
ata/ato rrinë They stay
hap to open
rri to stay
pi to drink
ha to eat
mbyll to close
vesh to wear
mësoj to teach, to learn
shkruaj to write
glej to find
unë mësoj First conjugation includes verbs whose first person singler ends in J. Conjugate the following. I teach, I learn
ti mëson First conjugation includes verbs whose first person singler ends in J. Conjugate the following. you teach
ai/ajo mëson First conjugation includes verbs whose first person singler ends in J. Conjugate the following. s/he teaches
ne mësojmë First conjugation includes verbs whose first person singler ends J. Conjugate the following. we teach/learn
ju mësoni First conjugation includes verbs whose first person singler ends in J. Conjugate the following. you teach/learn (formal)
ata/ato mësonjnë First conjugation includes verbs whose first person singler ends in J. Conjugate the following. They teach, they learn
çdo every
dashur (i/e) dear, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend
dembel/i lazy (person)
djathtas on the right
gjatë (i/e) tall, long
hedh to throw, to pour
majtas on the left
more, anymore
ngadalë slowly
përsëri, prapë again
rregullt (i/e) regular
parregullt (i/e) irregular
shkurtër (i/e) short
shpjegoj to explain
sjell to bring
vëmendje/a attention
zgjuar (i/e) clever, smart, wise
keni të drejtë. you are right
është e lehtë it is easy.
është djathtas/ në të djathtë Its on the right
është majtas/ në të majtë Its on the left
përsëriteni, ju lutem! Repeat it, please!
Kujdes! Be careful!
Unë them I say (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ti thua you say (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ai/ajo thotë s/he says (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ne themi we say (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ju thoni you say (formal) (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ata/ato thonë they say (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
Unë shoh I see (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ti sheh you see (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ne shohim we see (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ju shohni you see (formal)(irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
ata/ato shohin They see (irregular verb 2nd conjugation)
blu (adj) blue
bëhem gati get ready
bëj xhiro to go for a walk
çohem to get up, to mover oneself
dal to go out, to get out
dëgjim/i listening
dëgjoj to listen, to hear
fillim/i beginnin
fle to sleep
futem to get in, to enter
ha drekë to have lunch
intersant interesting
kënaqem to have fun
krihem to comb oneself
kthemhem to be back, to return
lahem to have a shower
lexohet is read
lodhem to get tired
mësohem to get used to
mërzitem to get board
ndiej to feel
pastaj then
rri stay
rruhem to shave oneself
shikoj televizor to watch tv
shtrihem to lay down
vishem to get dressed
vogël (i/e) small, little
zgjohem to wake
çdo të thotë...? në ship në anglish What does it mean...? in Albanian in english.
dhëmb.i tooth
dhimbje/a pain, ache
fyt/i throat
grip flu
ilaç pills, drugs
intervistë interview
këshilloj to advise
kokë/a head
kollë/a cough
komunë commune (local government)
mungoj to be absent
nesër tomorrow
okulist/i oculist
pasnesër day after tomorrow
por but
problem/i problem
sëmurë (i/e) ill, sick
sepse because
kurriz.i back
stomak/u stomach
temperaturë temperature
vij to come
vonë late
zëvendës drejtor/i vice director
bëj një intervistë I have an interview
jam me grip. I have influenza (flu)
kam temperaturë. I have fever.
do të shall, will (put this before a verb to make it future tense)
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