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1 - Comp Abilities

CS Principles: Big Ideas in Programming

code a set of instructions that a computer can understand
comment explain what we're doing in the programs and are intended to be read by people, and not computers
dot-notation how you ask an object to do something in Python
library group of programs that provide some functionality
pixel one small part(element) of a picture
program a set of instructions that a computer can understand to accomplish a goal
Screen part of the Turtle library; space for turtle to move in and draw on
string anything we can type between a pair of single, double, or triple quotes; a sequence of characters
variable a name associated with computer memory that can hold a value and that value can be changed.
Computer a device that can perform actions on input (which is also called data)
Java programming language used in Advanced Placement Computer Science
Program s a set of instructions that a computer can understand to accomplish some goal
Programming Language used to tell a computer what to do
Programming Tool Programming Tool
Python programming language used in Computer Science Principles
Turing Machine theoretical computer that can read instructions from a tape and write results to the tape
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