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file 28

advanced French

donner le jour à to give birth to, give life to بدنیا آوردن
fuseau, m spindle دوک‌ نخ‌ ریسی‌
épanouir, (nous ~issons) to open up (buds, flowers), show, light up, brighten up (face) / make laugh, become joyful / (etym épandre: expand)
il advint que, (ad+venir) it happened that 'پیش آمد که'
ils quittèrent they left
colimaçon, m spiral, (escalier en ~: spiral staircase)
rouillée, (une clé ~) rusty
emparer (de qch) to get hold of, seize, conquer, take (without permission) / keep, protect, defend / (etym. prepare against; fortify, dominate, command)
se affaisser, (ad+faix), (α-φήνω) to calm down oneself, rest, put oneself at rest / fall, bend, incline, (due to a force)
le faix, m load, charge / bending under a load, falling
âtre, m fireplace, hearth, (etym astre, light, glow, αστέρι)
wallon, adj, (=de la Wallonie), (:Walloon from Wallonia) from South Belgium who speak French, the language, related to them
haie, f hedge, hedge of bushes دیواره یا نرده‌‌ ای از گیاه
le foin, m hay علف‌ خشک‌
écurie, f stable, barn, (etym écu: shield of leather: cuir) طویله‌، اصطبل‌، آخور
se dresser, (le cheval se ~e sur ses pattes) to stand, (the horse ~s on his legs)
ébrouer (extraire le 'brou' des noix) to shake, (as a wet dog does) / rinse, wash off in water / get the walnut 'shell' off / etym. shell, skin
le faste, (m, adj) magnificence, grandeur, lavishness: extravagance عظمت / (adj) magnificent, happy, favorable
célébration avec un faste exceptionnel celebration with an exceptional magnificence
environner to surround or encompass a wide area, to be or put oneself around
rissoler to red cook (golden colour similar to burning) / (etym sol: red sun)
faire rissoler de la viande to red cook/fry the meat
braiser, (to braise) to cook slowly
la convalescence (f) recovery, recuperation, time a person spends getting well after an illness
radicalisation (f), (:radicalization) process of making extreme, act of making radical
le fou, (in chess) bishop, chess piece ♝ which moves diagonally
louche (f) ladle, dipper ملاقه
camembert (m) soft cheese (first developed in the village of Camembert in France)
la moisissure, f mold / mildew / (syn. moule, forme) کپک، عفونت
contremaître (m) foreman, work organizer, superviser, overseer
épicéa (m) spruce: نوعی کاج, variety of coniferous evergreen tree
surréalisme (m), (:surrealism) beyond + realism, 20th-century artistic movement to express subconscious by dreamlike imagery
le tamise, (vb tamiser) seive / (vb) to seive, pass through a seive
basalte, m, (:basalt) dark igneous rock, volcanic rock
chef d'œuvre, m masterwork, masterpiece
goutte, f drop, drop of water, (any liquid) / grain, bead
en direction de in the direction of / alongside of, along
en même temps at the same time / together*
gré (m) preference; liking, wanting better, fantasy / wish, good will / view, opinion, display / (etym. grâce: grace, favour, 'grade up')
moulinet (m) small wind mill or its small wheel / reel, bobin, spool, cylinder with long material wound around it (thread, film, etc.) / piece of wood, baton
moulin à vent, m windmill
la crécelle, f rattle noise, series of short fast knocking or tapping sounds / a baby toy with wheels making such noises / scratchy noise or a person making it
la lavande, f lavender: flagrant plant of the mint family نَعنا , having scented purple flowers, (etym laver: used to scent wash, also L. livid: bluish)
acharner, (a+carn) to pursue, follow stubbornly / incite, bother / pester, annoy, fiercely attack, embitter / to give meat to animals esp dogs / (etym. bring meat+near prey)
copocabana, (:C~) city in Mexico
précoce, adj, (:precocious) maturing early, rippen prematurely, predeveloping / mature, talented, smart / etym. 'cooked' before its time (به ویژه کودک) پیشرفته‌تر از سن خود، پیشرس، استثنایی، زود شکوفا شده
fragiliser, (:fragilize) to weaken, make unstable, make fragile
dévier to deviate, turn, go against the law
chouchouter to be kind (pet), treat with kindness, make as favorite, caress, give special treatment, pet, to take care of / (etym. chuchu, chéri, pet)
complaisance (f), (:~, complacence) (etym. com: intence + plaire) kindness, affection, love, indulgence, favour, satisfaction / pleased with oneself, self-satisfaction خوشنودی‌ از خود
empiler to pile up, stack up, heap up, accumulate on top of each other
déplorer to cry, weep, be sorry, mourn, regret deeply افسوس خوردن
destituer, (de+stitute) to dismiss, depose; displace, remove; demote, get rid of, eliminate, (etym. sta: stand, pose, fix / ant. institute)
destituer un president, (professeur, employé-e) to dismiss or remove a president, (teacher, employee)
destituté, (:~) dismissed, removed / poor, penniless, short, lacking money
munir to provide, supply, furnish, (ammunition) / fit, equip, set up, install / munition / (etym. mun: link, join; eg commun, communicate)
démuni deprived, lacking supply, out of ammunition / destitute, poor, without money
acadien de Acadie, (:Acadian from Acadia) person from former French colony in southeast Canada
Cajun descendant of the French that moved from the former Canadian province of Acadia and settled in Louisiana (USA)
le faire assurer to 'get' it insured, have it insured
il ne fallait que it didn't need to, it only needed that, it was necessary only, (use -ve)
rendre, (:to render) to yield, return, turn in, give back / cause, make / restore
faire retenir to reserve, retain, detain, hold, to have/make reserved
faire nettoyer to clean, to have/make cleaned
clémence (f), (:clemency) mercy, pardon, asking forgiveness, plea, mildness, lenience / leniency, mercifulness
seconder to assist, help, support
scrabble (m) scrabble (game of adding letters to make words) / to scratch, scramble
rocailleux, -euse rocky, stony, rugged, full of gravels (plein de petits cailloux)
testostérone (f), (:testosterone) male sexual hormone
cafard (m), (avoir ~) sadness, depression, melancholy, blues; sneak, hypocrite / cockroach, beetle سوسک
endommager l'ADN [l'a-d.n.] to damage the DNA
fouler to crush, walk on, press with foot, tread, stampede / oppress, injure, hit, fight
en fonction de in terms of, in accordance with, according to / (syn sur le plan de, du point de vue de, selon, versus)
en function de (en math) (maths) versus, (=vs)
en raison de because of, (syn. à 'raison' de, à cause de)
est-ce-que vous vivez 'en fonction de' la future? do you live 'with a view to' the future? (with the future on mind)
secourir, (2 personnes ~raient) to rescue, save
mettre en garde to warn off, to caution, precaution / to put on guard
dégaler, (see gale) to get rid of dirty skin, to wash the skin dirt / clean up
ordure (f), (:ordure) filth, dirt, garbage, waste / motherfucker, sucker / obscenity
nuisible, (qui nuit), nuire harmful, damaging
nuire to harm, injure, hurt, damage
relu, (pp of relire) reread (past tense)
débile (m, adj) crazy, mad person, insane person / (adj) stupid, dumb
enculade, f action of sodomizing, (syn. sodomie, carotte / anarque, escroquerie, duperie)
noyer, m, [no-ié or noi-ié] walnut (noix), walnut tree, گردو / (vb) to drown, sink
se noyer to get drowned
la noyade, f drowning
forgeant, (vb forger) forging, آهنگری، آهن کوبی، ساخت، جعل (vb to fabricate, shape)
le forgeon, m smith, blacksmith آهنگر
c'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron practice makes perfect
coffre-fort, m safe-box, deposite box, safe
les coffres-forts sont munis de serrures à secret safe boxes are provided with secret locks
démunir de to deprive from, be out of, part with, loose, give up, reduce, remove, (ammunition)
gale, f, (see dégaler) scabies, disease causing itching / dirt
Created by: khojasteh