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How is surgery sections of the CPT manual divided? Amotomic site
How many subsections are there in the surgery sections? 18
Explain sub section Body systems (divisions os sections into smaller units)
Explain subheading Amotic site (ex. Skin, arm, leg)
Catagory Procedure being done
what do unlisted codes ususally end in? 99
What should always accompany the billing of unlisted code or a category 3 code? A special report explaining the procedure
Explain what seperate procedure means Minor procedures that are coded only when they are the only services preformed
When do you NOt bill seperate procedures? When the same minor procedure iis preformed in conjuntion with a major procedure
What is included in a surgilcal package? Operation, Local anesthia, Follow up care, related encounter prior to the procedure, immediate follow up care
What does anesthia include? Local infilteration, metacarpel blockm topical anesthiea
Included in the definition if the surgical package is routine peroperative and postperative care including _______ complications Usual
Who defined the global package? Insurancce companies
What is the global period for major surgeries? 90 days
What do I and D stand for> incision and Drainage
The I and D codes are divided according to acne, absecess, carbuncle, boil or? condition
What is included under the I and D category> asperation
What does debridement mean? Cleansing of area and removing the dead tissue.
Whats important to know when coding a lesion? Maligant or beingn? and site number and size
how do you measure a lesion? At the narrowest point
skin leasion Nodule: Solidelevation
Fissure Cracks in skin
tumor Solid mass
Wheal Tyoe of plauge
Bulla large blister greater the .5cm
How is shaving of a lesion preformed?? By using a scaple or other sharp insturments
Do you code for local anesthesia for excisions of lesions? no
what types of lesion closures are not included in the package for the procedure? Intermediate and complex
Avulsion Speration and removal of the nail plate
where and what is Pilonidal Cyst? located in sacral area (ingrown hair)
What do you need to know when coding a wound rrepair? length complexity and site
Simple One layer os stiching
Intermediate Layers of stitch
Complez several layer
What does ligation mean? Binding or tieing off
What does epidermis mean? Outter layer of skin
What does split thickness graft mean? Epidermius and pardermus
What does full thickness graft mean? consits of epidumis
When a graft is taken from another patients body this is called? allographs
When a graft is taken from a patients own body this is called autographs
What are the rules of nine? Calculate body area of adults
Pressure ulcers bed sores
escharotomy cutting thro dead burned skin
what makes Moh's micrographic surgery helpful can do pathology during surgery to get cancer cells out
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