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CARMALT - mouth parts used to sing, talk, kiss, spit, etc.

definitionmouth part
bony structure that supports teeth, helps open and close the mouth, protects soft mouth tissue jaw
soft tissue, fleshy sides of mouth cheeks
roof of your mouth; two sections: soft and hard palate
outer folds of the mouth lips
bonelike structures in the jaw that help with chewing; HARDEST SUBSTANCE IN THE BODY! teeth
tissue that surrounds and holds teeth in place gums
organ that helps speak and digest processes of tasting, chewing, and swallowing tongue
bumpy surface of the tongue papillae
cells on the surface of the tongue used to taste taste buds
tiny hairs on top of taste buds taste hairs
three: two for taste, one for movement tongue nerves
part of the throat; thought to protect against infections tonsils
fluid in the mouth consisting of enzymes that begin the digestive process saliva
fleshy knob that hangs from the back of the roof of your mouth uvula
part of tongue where sweet is tasted tip of tongue
part of tongue where salty is tasted front sides of the tongue
part of the tongue where sour is tasted rear sides of the tongue
part of the tongue where bitter is tasted back of tongue
Created by: EM4CARMALT