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Unit 7

CSF Terminology & Cath Tips

What is anencephaly? Anencephaly is a defect in the neural tube, which is the part of the developing fetus that forms the spinal cord and brain. The fetus will be born with no brain or only the very basic parts of the rain. It is always fatal.
What are the two types of catheter tips? Intravascular and non-vascular are the two types of catheter tips.
What is the process by which nutrition is provided through a catheter placed in the vena cava? Hyperalimenation or Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) is the process by which nutrition is given to a patient through a catheter in the vena cava. These patients are usually not able to absorb foods well from the gut because of disease.
What is the difference between subdural and epidural? Subdural means under the dura, or the covering of the brain. Epidural means above or outside the dura.
What species should be worked up when cultured from a non-vascular catheter tip? Anything that grows in any amount from a non-vascular catheter tip should be worked up.
What procedure is used to drain excess fluid from patients who have hydrocephalus? Ventriculoperitoneal shunting, or the drainage of excess fluid through a shunt from the brain to the peritoneal cavity, is used to drain excess fluid from patients with Hydrocephalus. This relieves pressure on the brain.
Is glucose increased or decreased in CSF by bacterial meningitis? Glucose is decreased due to bacteria found in the CSF in bacterial meningitis.
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