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Invigorate Blood

Acupuncture Single Herbs B

Chuan Xiong - Ligusticum chuanxiong HA/Wind/GYN upbody head, act qi&blood, desc/ascen/disperse ALLBODY, GYN,to Xue tonics to prevent yu,(early.late.mittleschmertz) difficult labor, pain due to blood&qi yu (trauma, numbness) dispel wind and relieve pain **prev. against rad
Yi Mu Cao - Leonorus heterophyllus ** COOL GYN *p-partum, EDEMA & KD issues, act. blood circ, irreg. menses, **OBGYN, regen xue w/o yu, w/ Zhi ke &puhaung retained lochia&endomet, promote urine KD qi xu, clears skin heat&toxins
Dan Shen - Salvia miltiorrhiza ** COOL HT pain, cooling, xue circ, obgyn, chest, epigas, masses &accum, arthritis, trauma, bruise, cools blood, reduce swell, ying & xue level heat, nourish xue calm shen, palpitations, insomnia
Chi Shao - Paeonia veitchii ** COOL HT, GYN, red eyes, Clear heat, cool blood, febrile dz, fever, blotchy skin, purpurea, dispel stasis relieve pain, drk menst. blood, amenor/dysmenor , trauma bruising, reduce swell, clear heat in eyes
Jiang Huang - Curcuma longa rhizome Ab pain, trauma, LV/GB, anti-inflam, blood dz, stimulates & purifies, anti-biotic/viral, analgesic, strength blood / decreases BP, clear abdominal pain (qi yu/ xs wind) stim GB/bile, w/ Gui Zhi for blood yu cz by cold (w/ shoulder pain)
Yu Jin - Curcuma aromatica tuber **COLD Pain/trauma, HT phlegm, mania, Heals skin sores, moves LVqi yu cz chest, side, ST or menstr. pain, GB/Jaundice, clear heat cool blood, hot phlegm obstr. HT (anxiety, palp, seizure), w/ Dong Gui for menstrual disharmony
Yan Hu Suo - Corydalis turtschaninovii sedative for pain, will make drowsy, Pain anywhere, activate qi & blood, good for trauma, give @ night, GYN
Ru Xiang - Boswellia carterii Pain from trauma, wind-damp-cold bi pain , act. blood / move qi, GYN, reduce swelling / generate flesh, skin lesions, use w/ Mo Yao for analgesic, relax tendons & wind-cold-damp bi pain
Mo Yao - Commiphora myrhha Pain from trauma, ammenorrhea w/ Ru Xiang , abdominal masses w/ bleeding, reduce swelling & generate flesh, external remedy for wounds
Hong Hua GNY, Trauma
Tao Ren GYN, trauma, LU abscess, activates blood circ and removes yu, Sports Injuries, drains abscesses, acute lower abdominal pain, night fever, dys/amenorrhea, treats stasis in LJ, moistens intestines and relieves constipation
Huai Niu Xi LV-KD, Knees, LBP, drains fire down, strengthens bones
Herbs that treat Angina? Dan Shen, Chi Shao
Herbs that treat Pain? Chuan Xiong, Dan Shen, Yan Hu Suo, Hong Hua, Tao Ren, Huai Niu Xi
Herbs that treat Trauma? Jiang Huang, Mo Yao, Ru Xiang, Yan Hu Suo, Hong Hua, Tao Ren
Herbs that treat OBGYN? Yi Mu Cao, Chuan Xiong, Chi Shao, Hong Hua, Tao Ren, Ze Lan
Herbs that treat LIVER? Chi Shao, Yu Jin, Jiang Huang, Huai Niu Xi
Created by: bizziegold