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Stop Bleeding

Acupuncture Single Herbs B

Lian Fang - Neumbo nucifera (lotus flower stalk) Bitter/Astr/Warm Best for Lower Body, stops bleeding and calms fetus*threatened miscarriage, uterine bleeding & blood in urine, dispels summerheat & dampness
San Qi - Panax notoginseng Whole body, Int/ Ext bleeding, unique ability to stop bleeding without causing stasis, vomit/cough/nose/stool/mens/postpartum bleeding, activates blood circ & relieve pain (injury), reduces swelling and pain
Pu Huang - Typha angustifolia (Cattail Pollen) UTERUS! Retains blood & stops bleeding, ALSO activates the blood circulation & eliminates yu, Great from trauma ** b/c of dual action, Promotes urination,Pain Relieving
Ai Ye - Artemisia argyi / vulgare (Mugwort / Wormwood) WARMING, Warms channels and stops bleeding ** esp good for gyn bleeding cz by xu and cold, warms the womb, threatened miscarriage, **can cz miscarriage, disperse cold and relieve pain, Warms LV SP ST, xu cold of MW & LW, clear leuk, damp,itch,phlegm,cough
Stop Bleeding Herbs Txt: ** never used alone int/ext bleeding, subcutaneous bleeding, injury cz bruising, any bleeding disorder, shortens coagulation time
SB symptoms are caused by: Heat in Blood, Blood Yu, SP xu
Da Ji - Cirsium japonicum (Japanese Thistle) for Bright Red Blood, good for reckless bleeding,*Charred to astringe &restrain xue in vessels, allev. vomit/cough blood, disperse blood stasis, reduce swelling, txt jaundice, Lower BP cz by LV fire (Root)
Xiao Ji - Cirsium setosum ("little thistle") Promote urination/painful, cools Ren/Chong xue, mittleschmertz, **primary for blood in urine, dispel stasis, reduce swelling, clear LV GB dampheat
Bai Mao Gen - Imperata cylindrica ** Blood in urine, UB infxn w/ dark blood and serious pain, w/ Qu Mai, not drying or stagnating, calms heat promote urination, chronic blood in urine w/ back ache, clears LU and ST heat, asthma / wheeze
Huai Hua - Sophora japonica (Japanese Pagoda Tree) LW bleeding **hemorrhoids (also urine, dysentery, profuse mens blood, nosebleed, cough) Clears LV heat and sedates fire (red eyes, HA, dizziness, vertigo, REALLY BITTER and COLD, caution w/ SP xu people
Ce Bai Ye - Platycladus orientalis vomit/bleeding gums/coughing/stools/uterine txts hot blood, stop cough & expel phlegm, txt hair loss, topical for heal burns **LG amounts cz vomit, tchycrdia, st sx's, hot flashes
Xian He Cao - Agrimonia pilosa Tonify qi & blood (stabilize & bind effec) Stops bleeding, damage to ST and LU channels, all kind bleeding **xu type uterine bleed, type of KD failure --refer to ER, Relieves Diarrhea,kills parasites
Bai Ji - Bletilla striata Restrains leaking blood, retains yin & jin ye, txts upper body, sores *esp yin sores, LU abscess, LU heat LU yin xu, reduce swelling generates flesh
Ou Jie - Nelumbo nucifera Upper Body, Bleeding, txts Blood Xu, **best for LU & ST (vomit/cough blood) **good for stop blood cz by blood yu, hemorrhoids
Created by: bizziegold