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CARMALT - definition given, you give machine name

definition or examplename
device that changes the direction and/or magnitude of a force simple machine
rigid object used with a fulcrum to increase mechanical force being applied to another object lever
What class lever has the fulcrum located between the input effort and the output load? First-class lever
What class lever are these examples: seesaw, crowbar, pliers, scissors? First-class lever
What class lever follows this design?-input effort applied at the end of a bar-fulcrum located at opposite end of a bar-output load is at point between input and fulcrum Second-class lever
What class lever are these examples? nutcracker, wheelbarrow, bottle opener, wrench Second-class lever
What class lever follows this design?-input effort is higher than output load-input effort is applied between output load on one end and the fulcrum on the opposite end Third-class lever
What class lever are these examples?mousetrap, nail clippers, stapler, hammer Third-class lever
an inclided plane wrapped around a shaft screw
blender, automatic garage doors, drill bit screw
a lever that turns a central rod or fulcrum wheel and axel
bicycle tire, ferris wheel, gears wheel and axel
point where force is applied is called effort, effect of force is called "load" lever
flat surface whose endpoints are at different heights incline plane
ramp, sliding board, knife blades incline plane
also known as "block and tackle"rope, cable, belt, or chain placed inside a wheel's track and around its circumference pulley
blinds, shoe laces, flagpole, water well pulley
triangular shaped tool with 2 or more sloping surfaces that taper to a thin edge; the narrower the angle the less force is required wedge
chisel, axe, fork tines, door stops wedge
any combination of simple machines that work together complex machines
airplane, automobile, telephone, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine complex machines
Created by: EM4CARMALT