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CARMALT - symbol and atomic number given, you give name

symbol and atomic numberName
Nd60 Neodymium
Ne10 Neon
Np93 Neptunium
Ni28 Nickel
Nb41 Niobium
N7 Nitrogen
No102 Nobelium
Os76 Osmium
O8 Oxygen
Pd46 Palladium
P15 Phosphorus
Pt78 Platinum
Pu94 Plutonium
Po84 Polonium
K19 Potassium
Pr59 Praseodymium
Pm61 Promethium
Pa91 Protactinium
Ra88 Radium
Rn86 Radon
Re75 Rhenium
Rh45 Rhodium
Rb37 Rubidium
Ru44 Ruthenium
Rf104 Rutherfordium
In 1869, what Russian chemist organized the elements into what we now call The Periodic Table? Dmitry Mendeleyev
In 1914, what English physicist rearranged The Periodic Table using the atomic numbers of each element? He was killed one year later after volunteering to serve the military in WWI. Henry G.J. Moseley
Created by: EM4CARMALT