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CARMALT - symbol and atomic number given, you give name

Symbol & Atomic NumberName
Ac89 Actinium
Al13 Aluminum
Am95 Americium
Sb51 Antimony
Ar18 Argon
As33 Arsenic
At85 Astatine
Ba56 Barium
Bk97 Berkelium
Be4 Beryllium
Bi83 Bismuth
Bh107 Bohrium
B5 Boron
Br35 Bromine
Cd48 Cadmium
Ca20 Calcium
Cf98 Californium
C6 Carbon
Ce58 Cerium
Cs55 Cesium
Cl17 Chlorine
Cr24 Chromium
Co27 Cobalt
Cu29 Copper
Cm96 Curium
Db105 Dubnium
Dy66 Dysprosium
Es99 Einsteinium
Er68 Erbium
Eu63 Europium
In 1869, what Russian chemist organized the elements into what we now call The Periodic Table? Dmitry Mendeleyev
In 1914, what English physicist rearranged The Periodic Table using the atomic numbers of each element? He was killed one year later after volunteering to serve the military in WWI. Henry G.J. Moseley
Created by: EM4CARMALT