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SCS History Ch. 12

Define Renaissance Rebirth
Name the four renaissance artists Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo
Name at least six of the works we discussed and name the artist who created each of them Raphael- Cherubini, School of Athens, Sistine Madonna Donatello- David, St. John the Evangelist Michelangelo- Pieta, Last Judgement, Dome of St. Peters Basilica, Madonna and Child, The Deposition, The Creation of Adam, Moses, David Leonardo- Mona Lisa
Name at least one of the cities that became important during the renaissance Venice, Florentine, Genoa, and Milan
Define Friars Monks who preached and did missionary work outside the monasteries
Define Indulgence Certificates from the pope that excused a person from doing penance and shortened the required stay in purgatory before going to heaven
Define Purgatory The place where repentant sinners had to stay after death until they had been properly punished for their sin and could enter heaven.
Define Dukes small territories ruled by a powerful noble
What does Renaissance mean? Rebirth
Define Inquisition a special church court with power to inquire about and judge matters of heresy
Define Chaucer A poet who wrote The Counterbury Tales
Define Dante Summed up the liturature and wrote Divine Comedy
Define Humanities subjects such as history, grammar, rhetoric, and poetry
Define Patrons People who used their own money to support the arts
Define Hermits The earliest monks that lived in the wilderness
Define Nuns Women who practice monasticism
Define Sacramental Punishment ????????????????????????????????????????
Define Nicholas II decreed that henceforth popes would be chosen only by cardinals
Define Middle Class merchants and businessmen who were neither extremely rich nor extremely poor
Who was a teacher at prague and was burned at the stake? John Huss
Who had the Bible translated into English and their body was burned after dead John Wycliffe
Who was the son of king Henry I and joined forces with the pope. This person also invades Italy and the pope crowns him Emperor of the Romans. Holy Empire is born Otto the Great
What, in less than 20 years, killed one third and one half of Europe's population Black Plague or Bubonic Plague
What is a Renaissance Man? One who displays his talents in all fields
Who was a painter, pencil drawer, inventor, and entertainer? Leonardo
Who made Cherubini, the School of Athens and the Sistine Madonna? Raphael
Who was a painter, sculptor, and architect? Michelangelo
Who was only a sculptor? Donatello
Who made David and St. John the Evangelist? Donatello
Who made Pieta, Last Judgement, Dome of St. Peters Basilica, Madonna and Child, The Deposition, The Creation of Adam, Moses, and David? Michelangelo
Who made Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Vetruvian Man? Leonardo
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