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2.06 Vocab S&E

2.06 Vocab for Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Primary Data Data Obtained for the first time and used specifically for the particular problem or issue under study
Secondary Data: Data that has already been collected for some purpose other than the current study
Survey Method A research technique in which information is gather from people through the use of surveys or questionnaires
Personal Interview Involves questioning people face-to-face
Focus Group Interview Involves eight to twelve people who are brought together to evaluate a product, design, or strategy under the direction of a skilled moderator
Telephone Interview Interview over the phone that is quick, efficient, and inexpensive
Mail Survey Survey sent via mail that is an inexpensive way to reach a large audience
Observation Method A research technique in which the actions of people are watched and recorded
Reliability Exists when a research technique produces nearly identical results in repeated trials
Validity Exists when the questions asked measure what was intended to be measured
Yes/No Questions Only gives two options and should only be used when asking for a response on one issue
Rating Scale Questions Variety of Questions used such as very satisfied to very dissatisfied, or excellent to poor
Level of Agreement Questions Used to assess attitudes or opinions. Ex: Strongly agree, agree, etc.
Mystery Shopper A researcher who poses as a customer
Internet Survey Has wide-open polls and anybody can answer the polls to get mass responses
2.06 Objective Understand data-collection methods to evaluate their appropriateness for the research problem/issue
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