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Stack #247948

[SCU - OMT2] Spleen (Etiopathology)

Spleen Qi Def Poor or irregular eating habits; Mental overexertion, worry or pensivness; Prolonged exposure to dampness in the surroundings; Chronic illness
Spleen Yang Def Develops from Spleen Qi deficiency and its causes; Excessive consumption of cold, raw food and drink; or greasy, sweet foods; Excessive use of cold-property herbs
Spleen Qi Sinking Develops from Spleen Qi deficiency and its causes; Standing for many hours each day if there is already a tendency to Spleen Qi deficiency; Kidney Qi deficiency may be a concurrent or contributing pattern
Spleen Not Controlling Blood Develops from Spleen Qi deficiency and its causes
Cold-Damp Invading Spleen External Cold-Dampness invades Spleen (wearing wet clothes after walking in the rain or perspiring heavily, living in chronically damp places); Pre-existing Spleen Qi deficiency predisposes to invasion by Dampness
Damp-Heat Invading Spleen External Damp-Heat invades Spleen; Consumption of unclean or contaminated food; Pre-existing Spleen Qi deficiency leads to Dampness which combines with Internal Heat
Created by: mick3y