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Internet Terminology

basic concepts technical terms

Network a group of two or more computers that are linked together.
World Wide Web An Internet application that is based on the HTTP protocol.
Client a computer or software application that requests services from a server located on the internet -- e.g., a Web browser is an example
SMTP/POP sets of rules that govern the email servcies.
URL WWW identifier that uniquely identifies a resource on the WWW -- e.g.,
Protocol a system of rules that govern the behavior of some system.
Modem a device that connects a computer to an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Ethernet a network that uses wires to connect computers.
Host a computer that's connected directly to the Internet -- often a computer that provides certain services or resources.
LAN connects computers within a school or home.
WAN connects devices over a broad geographic region -- e.g., a telephone network.
Server a computer connected to the Internet that provides some kind of service -- e.g., Google's Gmail service.
HTTP the set of rules that governs the WWW application
HTML a language for formatting Web pages.
Router a device that transmits data between two different networks.
Internet Service Provider a company that provides customers with Internet access.
Wifi network using radio waves to connect devices (computers, smart phones, printers).
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