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Stack #247946

[SCU - OMT2] Lung (Etiology)

Lung Qi Def Constitutional or hereditary weakness of the Lungs; Emotions, especially sadness and grief;Inactivity and prolonged bending over a desk (constricts chest); Recurrent attacks by exterior pathogenic factors or retained pathogenic factors; Qi deficiency and
Lung Yin Def Emotional stress (sadness and grief); Overuse of the voice; Smoking tobacco; Lung Qi deficiency and its causes; Stomach or Kidney Yin deficiency and their causes; Lung Dryness damages Yin and fluids
Lung Dryness Dryness can arise from the exterior (wind + warm dryness) or interior; Exterior Dryness invades the Lung, especially in autumn or during long periods of dry and hot weather; Wind-Heat invasion turns into Lung Dryness; Stomach Yin deficiency due to irregu
Lung Invaded by Wind-Cold Exposure to environmental wind and cold (especially when perspiring or when pores are open); Relative weakness of Wei Qi; Exposure to air conditioning or refrigerated rooms
Lung Invaded by Wind-Heat Exposure to environmental wind and heat;Relative weakness of Wei Qi;Central heating and high temperatures in the work place
Lung Invaded by Wind-Water Exposure to exterior Wind, Cold and Dampness
Lung Heat Exogenous pathogenic factor invades interior and ; transforms to Heat (acute); Retention of pathogenic factors (chronic); Excessive consumption of rich hot foods leading to interior Heat (chronic); Smoking tobacco (chronic)
Damp-Phelgm Obstructing Lungs Recurrent attacks by exterior pathogenic factors that weaken Lung and Spleen and lead to phlegm; Excessive consumption of greasy and cold raw foods (especially dairy foods); Underlying Spleen Qi or Spleen Yang deficiency and their causes
Phelgm-Heat Obstructing Lungs Excessive consumption of greasy, spicy foods and alcohol leads to Phlegm and Heat; Wind-Heat attacks the Lung, transforms to interior Heat and condenses fluids into Phlegm; Smoking tobacco; Emotional stress leading to Qi stagnation which transforms to He
Phelgm-Fluids Obstructing Lungs Excessive consumption of greasy and cold raw foods; Underlying Lung, Spleen and Kidney Yang deficiency due to overexertion and poor diet; Latent cold Phlegm-Fluids stagnate in the Lung; Aggravated by cold weather; Occurs in middle-aged and elderly
Created by: mick3y