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Stack #247945

[SCU - OMT2] Lung (Key Symptoms)

Lung Dryness Dry cough, dry nose, throat and mouth, hoarse voice, thirst, dry tongue that is not red
Lung Invaded by Wind-Cold Chills greater than fever, cough with clear sputum, superficial tense pulse, absence of sweating, body aches
Lung Invaded by Wind-Heat Fever greater than chills, sore red throat, thirst, superficial-rapid pulse, slight sweating
Lung Invaded by Wind-Water Sudden swelling of face, aversion to wind (w/ fever), superficial-rolling pulse
Lung Heat Cough, heat sensation, thirst, red tongue with yellow coating
Damp-Phelgm Obstructing Lungs Chronic cough with profuse white sputum, shortness of breath, chest oppression, thick sticky white tongue coating
Phelgm-Heat Obstructing Lungs Barking cough, yellow or green sputum, chest oppression, thick greasy yellow tongue coating, rapid-rolling pulse
Phelgm-Fluids Obstructing Lungs Cough with white watery frothy sputum, wheezing, breathlessness, chest oppression, chilliness
Lung Qi Def Shortness of breath, slight cough, weak voice, spontaenous sweating, deficient puls (right front position)
Lung Yin Def Dry cough w/ scanty sticky sputum, weak hoarse voice, night sweating, dry mouth/throat, rootless coating on front third w/ cracks in LU area
Created by: mick3y