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CARMALT - Earth & Space Explorers

Date and Area ExploredCountry explorer representedName
c. 900 - Greenland Norway Erik the Red
c. 1000 - Newfoundland Norway Leif Eriksson
1271-1295 - Mongolian Empire in Asia Italy Marco Polo
1487-1488 - Cape of Good Hope, Africa Portugal Bartolomeu Dias
1492-1502 - San Salvador, West Indies Spain Christopher Columbus
1497-1498 - India reached by sea Portugal Vasco da Gama
1497-1502 - South America and West Indies Spain Amerigo Vespucci
1500-1501 - Sailed from Africa to India and Brazil Portugal Pedro Cabral
1513 - Pacific Ocean Spain Vasco de Balboa
1513 and 1521 - Florida Spain Juan Ponce de Leon
1519-1521 - Mexico Spain Hernando Cortes
1519-1521 - First to sale around the world Spain Ferdinand Magellan
1531-1533 - Peru Spain Francisco Pizarro
1535-1541 - St. Lawrence River, Canada France Jacques Cartier
1539-1542 - Mississippi River, Southwest America Spain Hernando de Soto
1540-1542 - American Southwest Spain Francisco de Coronado
1542-1543 - California Spain Juan Rodraguez Cabrillo
1577-1580 - Sailed around the world for France France Sir Francis Drake
1603-1609 - Great Lakes, Quebec France Samuel de Champlain
1607-1611 - Hudson River and Hudson Bay England Henry Hudson
1642-1644 - Sailed around Australia Netherlands Abel Tasman
1772-1779 - Tonga, Easter Island, and Hawaii England James Cook
1804-1806 - Both explored Western United States United States Lewis & Clark
1831-1836 - Galapagos Islands and Ecuador England Charles Darwin
1851 and 1855 - Victoria Falls, Africa Scotland David Livingstone
1909 - Both discovered North Pole United States Matthew Henson and Robert Perry
1911 - First to reach South Pole Norway Roald Amundsen
1943-1997 - Undersea worldwide explorer France Jacques Cousteau
1969 - First person to walk on the moon United States Neil Armstrong
138-109 B.C. - Silk Road trade route through Asia China Chang Ch-ien
Created by: EM4CARMALT