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Individual herbs

Herbs that drain fire & cool the blood

4 bigs full excess lung stomach,Acute symptoms with short duration, clears heat & drains fire Shi Gao
4 bigs excess & def, empty heat, Enriches the yin & moistens dryness, clears heat & drains fire Zhi Mu
Clears heat & resolves dampness thru SJ, UTI's, cough, diarrhea, jaundice Zhi Zi
Promotes urination & clears damp heat (Heart fire UTI), clears stomach blazing fire + heart signs Dan zhu ye
Clears liver fire & brightens the eyes, Clears heat & dissipates nodules (swollen glands), used for hypertension Xia ku cao
clears heat & quills fire bitter & cold Lian zi xin
4 bigs, full heat, constipations, clears heat & generates fluids Lu gen
Clears heat & drains fire, Clears the liver and eyes (red, swollen, painful), moistens the intestine and unblocks the bowels, prevention of atherosclerosis (lowers BP & Cholesterol) Jue ming zi
Disperses wind heat, brightens the eyes (excessive tearing) Gu jing cao
Clears the liver & brightens the eyes (nightblindness), dispeses blood stasis & reduces accumulation due to traumatic injury Ye ming Sha
Full heat, Clears heat from the nutritive & blood levels for febrile disease, high fever, skin heat / blood disease(carb/furnucles), epistasis, clears heat heart & arrests temors, relieves fire toxins Shui niu jiao
Clears excess & def. heat from the nutritive & blood levels for febrile disease, Nourishes the yin & blood & generates fluid, Bleeding + yin def signs, (rheumitoid arthritis) Sheng di huang
Clears heat & cools the blood (Bleeding, fever, dry mouth) Nourishes the yin(Constipation), Softens hardness & dissipates nodules Xaun shen
Clears excess & def heat & cools the blood (painful menstraul blood, epitasis), Clears liver fire, Invigorates blood & dispels blood stasis, Drains pus internal / external Mu dan pi
Clears heat, cools the blood to vent rashes; moistens the intestines Zi Cao
Created by: mishkasch