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Permit Test

Brakes Required
Low beam headlights Required
High beam headlights Required
Tailights Required
Brake lights Required
License Plate light Required
Directional signals Required
Horn Required
Mirrors Required
Windshield wiper Required
Windshields Required
Side & rear windows Required
Tires Required
Red/blue lights Not allowed
Siren, bell, whistle Not allowed
Loud muffler Not allowed
Signs, posters or stickers unless required Not allowed
A tv Not allowed
Extra lights Not allowed
Headsets/headphones Not allowed
Single broken white line You may change lanes
Single solid white line Go in the same direction on both sides but you may not cross
Double solid white lines No crossing
Single broken yellow line Stay to the right unless you are passing a vehicle
Double yellow lines-solid on right, broken on left Passing or crossing is not allowed in this lane except when turning left
Double yellow lines-broken on right, solid on left Passing is permitted in this lane when safe to do so
Red signs Stop. Do not enter. Wrong way
Orange signs Construction and maintenance warning.
Yellow signs General warning. Advisory of unexpected roadway conditions
Fluorescent yellow green signs High emphasis warning of school, pedestrian, and bicycling activity
White/Black signs Regulatory
Green signs Guide, or direction information
Blue signs Motorist service guidance. It is also used to identify parking spaces for disabled drivers.
Brown signs Areas of public recreation, cultural, and historical significance
Octagon signs Stop
Triangle signs Yield
Diamond sign Warn of existing or possible hazards
Pennant signs No passing zones
Crossbuck signs Railroad crossing
Round signs Railroad advance warning
Pentagon signs School advance/school crossing
Verticle rectangle signs Regulatory
Horizontal rectangle Guide
Created by: Wallaby