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TKAM chs. 1-10

To Kill A Mockingbird chapters 1-10

Who is from the city of Meridian? Dill
What county do the Finches live in? Maycomb
What state do the Finches live in? Alabama
Who is a lawyer in the novel Atticus
Who played football? Jem
What happened to Jem & Scout's mom? She died
Who hurt his arm and can't play football now? Jem
Who is a mother-figure for Scout? Calpurnia
Name the schoolteacher (full name). Miss Caroline Fisher
Name the mad dog. Tim Johnson
Who shot the mad dog? Atticus
What was Atticus's childhood nickname? One-Shot Finch
Who had cooties? Burris Ewell
Which family wouldn't take anything they couldn't repay? Cunninghams
Whose house burned down? Miss Maudie
Who put a blanket around Scout on a cold night? Boo Radley
What did Jem cut up when he was angry? Mrs. Dubose's flowers
Who did Jem have to read to daily as punishment? Mrs. Dubose
Who put small gifts in the tree knothole? Boo Radley
Who filled up the tree knothole with cement? Nathan Radley
It's a sin to kill a ___. mockingbird
Who had a morphine addiction but died clean? Mrs. Dubose
Who calls everyone to tell them there's a mad dog in the street? Calpurnia
Who is accused of raping a white woman? Tom Robinson
Who spanked Scout after she hit her cousin ? Uncle Jack
What relative wants Scout raised like a lady? Aunt Alexandra
Who is Scout engaged to? Dill
Name Scout & Jem's cousin. Francis
Atticus tells Scout to put herself in someone else's ___. shoes/skin
Who lost his pants during a visit to the Radley house? Jem
What weather event made Scout think the world was ending? snow
Who blamed the changing weather on the behavior of bad children? Mr. Avery
Who is the town gossip? Miss Stephanie Crawford
Who is the author of this novel? Harper Lee
Atticus tells Scout to use her ___ instead of her hands to fight. mind
Created by: kathy.dodson