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PPT 2.10


accessible Content that can be viewed by a wide variety of computer users, including those who may have disabilities that require them to use adaptive technologies such as screen reading programs
comment A note you insert on a slide while reviewing
encrypting The process of transforming data into a non-readable form for security purposes
Mark as Final A setting that prevents changes from being made to a presentation unless the user to acknowledge the warning and edit it anyway; does not provide security
markup The changes identified between two versions of a presentation when using Compare
null string Blank, with no characters or spaces
OpenDocument A file format that most word processing programs support, including the free OpenOffice suite
password A word or phrase that you must type for access to an encrypted file
PDF Page Description Language, one of the page layout formats to which PowerPoint can export; requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to read
picture presentation A presentation that consists of a series of full-screen graphics of slide content, placed on blank slide backgrounds
platform-independent Able to be used on a variety of operating systems
PowerPoint Show A presentation that opens by default in Slide Show view
Rich Text Format (rtf) A text file format that most word processing programs can open and save as
Windows Movies Video (wmv) The format that PowerPoint saves to when creating videos from presentation files
XPS One of the page description languages that PowerPoint can output to; requires an XPS Viewer utility to view; this utility comes with Windows Vista and higher and can be downloaded free from Microsoft for other Windows versions
XPS Viewer A utility that comes free with Windows Vista and later versions that opens an XPS file
Created by: jwolper99