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Stack #246983

[SCU - MM3] Anchor, Settle & Calm Spirit (Functions & Indications)

Long Gu • For emotional disorder, restlessness, mania, insomnia, palp., anxiety & seizures. • Calm LV & anchor floating Yang. • Prevent leakage of fluid due to def (spermatorrhea, night sweat, vag discharge, uterine bleeding. • Topical for chronic sores/ulcers
Long Chi • Settle anxiety & Calm spirit
Mu Li • Heavily settle/calm spirit • Benefit Yin U& calm LV Yang • Prevent leakage of fluids • Soften hardness & dissipate nodules • Absorb acidity & stop pain (stomach)
Ci Shi • Anchor & calm spirit • Nourish LV/KD & improve hearing & vision • Aid the KD in grasping Qi (breathing in)
Dai Zhe Shi • Calm LV Yang & clear LV fire • Direct rebel Qi downward • Cool blood & stop bleeding
Zhen Zhu • Sedate HT; settle tremor & palpitation • Clear LV & eliminate superficial visual obstructions (pterygium of conjunctiva [benign growth]) • Promote healing/generate flesh
Shen Tie Luo • Calm LV & sedate spirit
Zhu Sha • Sedate HT & calm spirit • Clear heat & relieve toxicity • Prevent putrefaction (decomposition of animal protein) • Expel phlegm
Created by: mick3y