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My ELA 8th Hour Project

Benediction BENE- Meaning: Good, Well Word: The utterance or bestowing of a blessing, especially at the end of a religious service. DICT- Meaning: Speak Word: See BENE- Just before she was to give the benediction, she walked up to the podium.
Unrequited EQU/EQUI- Meaning: Equal, Equally Word: Something unequally returned. It was a slap to the face to realize that, despite everything they had been through together, his affections were unrequited.
Malady MAL Meaning: Unpleasent, Faulty Word: A disease or ailment. The docter continued explaining the child's malady, but no one payed him any heed.
Psychadelic PSYCH Meaning: Mind, Mental Word: Something that provides halucinations. The school councilers warned the students of the heath complications that came hand in hand with psycadelic drugs.
Isolation SOL/SOLI- Meaning: Alone/Sun Word: Alone. Her many years of forced isolation drove her seemingly never ending curiosity.
Agriculturist AGRI- Meaning: Farming Word: One who farms. -IST Meaing: A person who does Word: See AGRI- He preferred the term Agriculturist as opposed to the cliché term Farmer.
Circumnavigate CIRCUM- Meaning: Around, About Word: Sail all the way around. NAV- Meaning: Ship Word: See CIRCUM- The plan was to circumnavigate the small island very slowly, thus allowing time for the scientists to collect samples.
Duress DUR- Maring: Hard, Happen, Lasting Word: Long time hardship. There was no end in sight for her duress.
Novelette -ETTE/ET Meaning: Relatively small size Word: Short book or tiny novel The author ended up publishing a novelette instead of the planned novel.
Intertwine INTER- Meaning: Between, among, in the midst of Word: To twist or wave together. Fate intertwines us all in ways difficult for a human to imagine, but it's true.
Inquisitive -IVE Meaning: Tending to; having the nature of. Word: Curious or inquiring. The small child had always been inquisitive, but recently, it had been all they could do to keep her from the more dangerous objects.
Conscience SCI Meaning: Know Word: Knowledge of one's feelings. Deep down, in the conscience he had burried long ago, he felt something stir with his actions.
Perspective SPEC- Meaning: See, Look Word: Point of view. When dealing with drama, it is important to look at all the different perspectives before making a choice.
Inaudiable AUDI- Meaning: Hear Word: Unable to hear. IN/IM- Meaning: Not Word: See AUDI- Mumbling something inaudiable, the young mother had to strain to make out her daughter's voice.
Corporation CORP Meaning: Body Words: A group of people authorized to act as a single body. -ION/IAN Meaning: Forming nouns denoting verbal action. Word: See CORP It's largest decision yet, the corperation struggled to come to an agreement,
Giftee -EE Meaning: Person who recieves Word: Person on the reciving end of a gift. Blushing profusely, the giftee accepted the present from her outstretched hands.
Hydrophobia HYDRO- Meaning: Water Word: Fear of water. Despite her living by the ocean, she had the most sevear case of hydropobia he had ever seen.
Sublunar LUNA Meaning: Moon Word: Within the moon's orbit Satilites were picking up some strange sublunar activity yesterday.
Backpedal PED Meaning: Feet, Foot Word: To move hastily backward. Stammering, he backpedaled quickly in order to apoligize for his terribly hurtful words.
Desensitized SENS/SENT- Meaning: Feel, Sense Word: To make less senstitive After years of working with children, he had become rather desensitized to all things slimey.
Unit UNI- Meaning: One Word: An indivitual thing or person; a single quantity. They worked together as a seamless team, a single unit, to defeat the enemy.
Abate AB- Meaning: Back Word: Lesson or beat back. Trying to abate the problem was useless; it was time she faced this thing head on!
Created by: Coolabigirl



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