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root words

ELA root word study stack

agrichemical a chemical used in farming or agriculture.
audibly in a way that can be heard
beneficent resulting in a good way
circumference the enclosing boundary of a curved geometric figure, usually a circle
corporal a low ranked officer in armed forces
dictum a judges ruling or statement in court
endurance the strengthen to keep doing a physical activity for a long amount of time
equate to make equal
hydroponic the act of living in water
lunatic a person or being driven crazy by the moon
navigator a person who directs the route or path of a ship
pedicure a luxury of care for the feet
psychologist an expert or specialist in psychologist
omniscient all knowing or knowing everything
consensus coming to a general agreement
solitude a lonely place or place to be alone
especially a word used to single out one person in a group or crowd
abscond to run away from a home or place
ineligable not able or allowed
interject to say something abruptly
malady a disease or sickness
unicorn a mythological horse with one horn on its head
nominee a candidate for an award
locket small case usually worn around the kneck
affection a feeling of fondness of love
massive a large object or person
adenturest a person willing to take chances or try new things
Created by: kenzieharris