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Super Sorry

Keep Making Bill Nye Proud

Taught Heisenberg Bohr
Magnetic moment of an electron caused by its spin or orbital Bohr Magneton
Distance between proton and electron Bohr Radius
Proposed that electrons orbit at specific levels Bohr
His work created the backing of the Rydberg energy formula Bohr
Proposed "pilot-wave" theory which is a hidden-variable theory De Broglie
Introduced idea of wave-particle duality which was proven by Davisson-Germer experiment De Broglie
Planck's constant divided by momentum De Broglie
Experiment where electrons are shot at a nickel crystal to prove their duality Davisson-Germer Experiment
Discovered Brownian motion Einstein
Explained the photoelectric effect by showing light is quantized into photons Einstein
Special Relativity (Light) Einstein
General Relativity (Gravity) Einstein
Wrote the "annus mirabilis" papers Einstein
Was offered the presidency of Israel Einstein
Signed a letter to FDR by Leo Szilard which led to the Manhattan Project Einstein
Particles undergo this acceleration when bouncing between magnetic mirrors Fermi Acceleration
Names the highest state of a system of electrons at absolute zero Fermi
Names a distribution with Dirac Fermi
Namesake particles with half-integer spin Fermi (Fermions)
Earned Nobel Prize on weak force interaction Feynman and Gell-Mann
Utilizes "sum over histories" in his path integral appraoch Feynman
Squiggly lines and arrows in his diagram Feynman Diagram
Lectures on Physics Feynman
Bongo enthusiast Feynman
Predicted cosmic microwave background radiation Gamow
Wrote the Mr. Tompkins book series Gamow
Worked on hot Big Bang nucleosynthesis with Alpher, but not Bethe Gamow
Resolved the ultraviolet catastrophe Planck
Constant is represented by 'h' Planck
Invented quantum mechanics Planck
Created by: The A-Man