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King Arthur Review

Books 3 and 4 with vocabulary and grammar

anon soon/shortly
bier a stand on which a coffin is placed
cavalcade procession/parade
cromlech a table made of stack stones
dais a raised platform
hermit one that lives in solitude
keep fortress
lament to mourn or wail in grief
marvel something that causes wonder
ominous for telling evil
prowess skill, extraordinary ability
vigil a watch, a period of wakefulness especially in devotion
folly foolish act or idea
clad clothed dressed covered
feeble weak inadequate
span a distance or space between two limits
anquish extreme sorrow
dissension disagreement in opinion
snare trap or capture
slander lie or false charge
sunder to break force or come apart
harrying raiding pillaging attacking
adder snake
brandish to shake or wave in a threatening way
How did the holy grail come to Camelot Lancelot completed the last noble deed, apologized to King Pelles and Galahad completed the Quest of the Grail and freed Naciens from his cursed
What where the first adventures of Sir Galahad Galahad went to pentecost without a sword and he pulled the gold sword with a cross handle out of a rock that was floating down the river.
Why was Arthur sad when the Holy Grail passed through the castle in front of he and his knights? Merlin had warned him that the end of Logres was near when the grail came to them
Who gave Galahad his shield? King Bagdemaus
Who asked Galahad to grant him a Boon? The White Knight (Melyas)
Who blessed Galahad? Naciens
What knights rode sailed on the enchanted Ship? Sir Bors, Sir Galahad, Sir Percivale
Whom´t´ve struck Percivale in Battle? Sir Galahad while using a white shield with a red cross
Where was Percivale sent on a quest to? Castle Carbonek
What two animals got into a fight in front of Percivale? A lion and a snake
Who leads the men on their quest for the Holy Grail? Lady Dindrane
Who was Sir Bors cousin? Lancelot
Why was Bors chosen by Naciens to help with the quest of the Holy Grail? Because he was a holy and good man.
Who was the naked man on the horse being beaten and why should Sir Bors help him? It was his brother Lionel. But he chose to help the damsel instead
What did Lionel do when his brother chose to save the damsel instead of him? Beat him and was going to kill him till a monk stopped him.
Where did Bors wake up at after he was beaten by his brother? On the enchanted ship
What was the building that Lancelot was trying to enter and could not get into? A chapel
How did he eventually get in? Naciens came and let him in when he brought Bors to be healed.
How was Bors not awakened by the Holy Grail? He was bound to the earth by his sins.
What brought Lancelot great shame? His sins and dishonor in Loving Guinevere.
Whose son was Galahad? Elaine and Lancelot
What was the special cargo of the enchanted ship? The Holy Grail
Who guarded the Holy Grail? The Holy maidens (all virgins)and Naciens
Who does Lancelot apologize to? King Pelles for hurting Elaine (she was a holy maiden till he defiled her)
How is King Pelles healed? From a drop of blood from the sword from the Holy Grail.
Why is Guinevere angry with Launcelot at the beginning? His quests took him away from her.
What is Launcelot's response when Guinevere says to him, "You ride ever to help others. Have you perhaps found one who is dearer to your heart than I am?" Launcelot replies that he loves Guinevere, but that he strives to be away from her because his love for her is sinful.
How many wounds are in Sir Urry's head? Three wounds are in Sir Urry's head.
What is Launcelot's last good deed? He places his hands on the head of Sir Urry and he prays. Sir Urry's head is healed.
What does Melliagraunce tell Guinevere he will do if she does not come with him back to his castle? Melliagraunce tells Guinevere he will slay the knights accompanying her.
Who kills Melliagraunce? Launcelot kills Melliagraunce.
Mordred is the son of whomt'sdve Mordred is the son of Morgana le Fay.
When Mordred hides in the garden to listen to Launcelot and Guinevere, he says, "My time has come. These two (Launcelot and Guinevere) have given the whole realm of Logres into my hands." What does Mordred mean? Mordred is saying that Launcelot and Guinevere have make a huge mistake. Mordred is going to use their mistake to his advantage, so he can take the power for himself.
What advice does Gawain give to his brother Agravain? "Speak no more of this to me for I will have no part in it." Also, Gawaim tells Agravain, "Think before you do this."
Why does Gawain fear the fellowship of the Round Table will be sundered in civil war? Gawain knows war is forthcoming.
What does King Arthur tell Mordred and Agravain to do when they tell him about Guinevere? Take twelve knights and do what must be done.
Who counsels Launcelot not to speak with the Queen because he thinks Mordred is up to something? Sir Bors tells Launcelot not to speak with Guinevere.
Summarize what happens when Mordred and his knights confront Launcelot. Launcelot slays two knights and wounds the others before escaping from the castle.
Who runs away to tend his wounds? Mordred
Why is Guinevere guilty of treason? What will her punishment be? She committed adultery, and she will be burned at the stake.
Who was ordered to lead Guinevere to her death? Gareth and Gaheris
Why did Gareth and Gaheris escort Guinevere wearing no armor, but clad in mourning robes? They didn't want her to die. They were obeying their commands even though they were doing something against their own will.
What happened as Guinevere was being led to the stake? Launcelot rescues Guinevere, and kills Gareth and the others.
Arthur says the following: Know that I am now your mortal foe, and will ever be. For you have robbed me of my wife, slain my knights, and broken this Godly realm of Logres." What does arthur mean? He seeks war.
In battle, Bors strikes Arthur and turns to Launcelot saying, "Sir, shall I make an end of this war at a single stroke?" What is Bors asking Launcelot? Bors is asking if he should truly kill King Arthur.
Why does Launcelot offer to give back Guinevere and leave Britain for good? He wants peace in Logres. In his heart, he still feels honorable.
Will Guinevere be taken back to the stake or will she be allowed to live? She lives.
Why is Gawain so furious with Launcelot? He killed his brothers and he has sundered the Round Table.
Who convinces Arthur to declare war on Launcelot? Gawain and Mordred convince Arthur to declare war.
What does Mordred do when Arthur leaves to do battle in France? Mordred becomes king.
Who locks herself in a tower? Guinevere
Why did anyone want to take sides with Mordred? Mordred was an easy and lawless ruler.
What does Arthur offer to Mordred as a truce? Arthur offers to give Mordred land and goods.
Who are the two people that warn Arthur NOT to battle Mordred? What do they say? Gawain tells Arthur to wait a month, and Launcelot will come help him defeat Mordred. Lucan says to "let him be, for he is accursed. If you will wait, you shall be avenged."
Who rescues Guinevere from the stake? Launcelot
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