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AP French Th.4 Ctx.3

sous-entendre to imply
approfondir to deepen
Élargir to expand
un sens propre a literal sense
le loisir pastimes
apporter to bring (a thing) / to provide
parfois sometimes
inattendu unexpected
cocher to check off
but goal
nettoyage cleaning up
un lieu a place
menacé endangered
se détendre to relax / to unwind
se porter to be
volontaire volunteer
aborder to come up with
la gastronomie cuisine / cooking
incontournable unavoidable
des rapports relationship
orthographe spelling
politesse courtesy / manners
À part entière in its own right
raconter to tell / to narrate
comprendre to include
un séjour a stay
gîte vacation rental / holiday cottage
hébergement accommodation / lodging
dégustation tasting / sampling
abonder to be full of
un coucou hi there!
un rêve a dream
un hameau a hamlet
se révéler to turn out / to reveal
la hauteur the height
retaper to renovate
un moulin a windmill
une chambre d'hôtes a guest room
lapin rabbit
se regaler to treat one self / to enjoy
hospice home
faire une halte to stop / to take a break
un fief a kingdom / fiefdom
un septennant a period of 7 years
cadre executive
une pièce a room
À partir de from that time on
renouer to start up again
périple trek / journey
une cave a cellar / a wine cellar
bredouille empty-handed
d’ici là by that time
un souci a worry
Created by: mme_dalton